Hello Friends,
Welcome to the IQAC of L N Mithila University!

Quality in higher education is indeed a big issue in a knowledge-society of 21st century. Further, path-breaking advancements in ICT and its innovative application in all walks of life gives extra stimulus to the quality culture in all sorts of educational institutions including HEIs. Quite naturally, HEIs across India are taking sincere efforts to upgrade and significantly enhance the qualitative character of the Institution. Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), the quality circle created within the organizational framework of the Institution, plays proactive role in the entire process of quality enhancement and so, is of immense value for HEIs in the changing landscape of higher education in new millennium.

Dr. Md. Zeya Haider


L N Mithila University is one of the top-notch Universities of Bihar and is being perpetually assessed and accredited by the NAAC in various cycles. So far, University has availed two cycles of NAAC Assessment & Accreditation earning a good score. The subsequent cycle is on the cards. University established its IQAC sometimes after 1st cycle of NAAC assessment and accreditation in 2005 and since then, it is working purposively within the academic and administrative fabric of the University. The focal of all objectives of the Cell, as underlined by the NAAC/UGC, is to provide internal mechanism for improvement in quality in education. Accordingly, it is taking efforts to tone-up the quality culture in the academic delivery system of the University. Since its establishment and constitution, the IQAC of the University is working effectively to accomplish all its legitimate goals and objectives and help University in getting evaluated both by the NAAC and NIRF. Ours is a state traditional teaching-cum-affiliating public university and is accommodating quite a large number of students and researchers at UG, PG, Doctoral and Post-doctoral levels in various academic programs. Also, the jurisdiction of the University is spread over four districts of the state located in a differently blessed location. Besides two dozens of Post-graduate Departments and Institutes, over hundred Colleges of different academic nature are within the ambit of the University. Obviously, it's relatively a big University. Quality initiatives of such a big University demand a greater and discrete attention at the juncture of policy making and we at IQAC formulate plans and strategies to accomplish our broader objectives of imparting quality education to our learners and also, come to the expectations of all the stakeholders of the University and the society at large. Quality enhancement is a dynamic process which begins but never ends. For all practical purposes, quality enhancement is therefore, a never-ending task. Constant interaction with the environment opens new doors for all kinds of upgradation and advancement. Involvement of one and all is the first and foremost requisite to the success of this kind of institutional forum. Taking note of all these institutional needs, we at IQAC are working as a Team for a good, better and the best. Let's involve and accomplish, what not yet accomplished.