About the Department

The university Department of Ancient Indian History, Archaeology and culture was founded in 1994 and was associated with the University Department of History, so every activities of this department was incorporated with the Department of History. On 1st July 2010, this department of was bifurcated from the Department of History and was shifted to a new building in the Nargauna Campus. In the short span of four and half years (from 01.07.2010 to 01.02.2015), this department had organized two extramural lectures, one two-days national seminar and one publication. The department is in preparation for another publication which would come in shape by the end of this year. The department organizes excursion and explorations tours for the students every year. Usually the chandradhari Museum, Darbhanga is used for this purpose and generally a weak long museum based classes are conducted here every year.

Former HoDs

Sr.No. Name Mobile Email id Period
1. Ratneshwar Mishra N/A N/A N/A
2. S. P. Singh N/A N/A N/A
3. T. K. Jha N/A N/A N/A
4. S. Jha N/A N/A N/A
5. N. K. Singh N/A N/A N/A
6. Usha Kiran Jha N/A N/A N/A
7. S. N. Thakur N/A N/A N/A
8. C. B. Singh N/A N/A N/A
9. M.M.Mishra N/A N/A N/A
10. Dr. Ayodhya Nath Jha N/A N/A N/A

Faculty Members

Sr.No. Name Designation Mobile Email Id Photo
1 Prof. P C Mishra Professor & Head 9534901098
2 Dr. Ayodhya Nath Jha Associate Professor 9430062356
3 Dr. Pratibha Kiran Guest Faculty 8084707773

Achievements of Faculty

  1. SAMMAN PATR by ADHISHREE, Patna (Government of Bihar Reg. No.- 2213/08-09) to Dr. Ayodhya Nath Jha works upon Mithila Painting dated 15.11.2013.
  2. PRASHASTI PATR by Vaidehi Seva Manch, Kolkata, 2A/3 Ghosh Bagan Lane Lashipur Kolkata-700002 Regd. No.S/ 1L 34203 to Dr. Ayodhya Nath Jha for twenty five years of Kamarathua Seva.
  3. Jury member the first purata Hva Vigyanik Vijayakant Mishra Samman – 2018. Chetna Samiti patna 28 October 2018
  4. Member of selection Committee of Leaturer in different Affiliared college of L.N. Mithila University, Darbhanga -2017.
  5. Chairperson of the Technical session – National seminar on “YUG yugin Mandranched” Organized by – Itihas sankalan samitee south Bihar and Dharm Jagran Samanvaya North= East Resion -21 April 2018 Mandar hill Banka, Bihar.
  6. Second “ Puratative Vinayak Vijaya Kant Mishra Samman” by chetana sammitee Patna 10-12 Nov. 2019
  7. Special Lecture of Excursion of Important Archacological site of Bihar. National seminar organized by Univ. Deptt. of Ancient Indian History and Archaeology, Patna University Patna. January 2020
  8. Jury Member of third “Puratattva Vaigyanik Vijayakant Mishra Samman” Chetana Samitee, Patna 17 November 2020

Student Profile

Name of the Course Application received Selected Pass percentage
M.A in A.I.H.C Male Female Male Female
M.A 2009-11 29 14 15 78.5 86.6
2010-11 27 13 14 84.6 92.8
2011-13 52 31 21 74 94.4
M.A SEMESTER 2012-14 30 15 15 20.11 66.6
2013-15 39 23 16 43.4 62.5
2014-16 24 17 07 Result awaited
2015-17 24 15 04 -- --
2016-18 01 -- 01 -- --
2017-19 12 09 07 100% 100%
2018-20 15 09 05 100% 100%

Achievements of Students

Content to be uploaded soon:

Seminar/ Conference/Workshop Organized

  1. Excursion, Exploration and Study Tour
    In year 2014 Department organized a exploration tour, of Balirajgardh, Dist. Madhubani one of the biggest Archaeological site of Mithila
  2. 8 November 2014- Extramural Lecture of
    1. Prof. Ratneshwar Mishra, Rtd. Prof. and HOD, University Department of History, LNMU, Darbhanga
    2. Prof. Sureshwar Jha Rtd. Prof. Pol. Sc., C. M. College, Darbhanga
  3. National Seminar organized by the Department dated 16-17 Jan 2015, “Archaeology and Culture: Special Reference to Mithila”
    1. Inaugurated by Prof. Saket Kushwaha Hon`ble Vice-Chancellor, LNMU, Darbhanga.
    2. Presided by Dr. Madan Mohan Mishra HOD, University Department of AIHA & C.
    3. Guest of Honour
      1. Prof. Vidyeshwar Jha, University Department of Veda, K. S. D. S. U., Darbhanga.
      2. Dr. Phuleshwar Singh, Rtd. HOD, Department AIHA & C G. D. College BegusaraiKeynote Address by delivered by Dr. Umesh Chandra Dwivedi Rtd. Director, Museum and Archaeology Bihar, Patna.
    4. Vote of thanks by Dr. Ayodhya Nath Jha, Convenor National Seminar University Department of AIHA & C.
      Technical Session upon ‘Archaeology of Mithila’ 16 Jan 2015 Sectional President- Dr. Phuleshwar Singh Rtd. HOD, Deptt. of AIHA & C, G. D. College, Begusarai.
  4. National Seminar - भारतीय दर्शन को मिथिला का योगदान – 5th- 6th March 2021

Resource Persons-

  1. Ganga Nath Jha, University Department of Anthropology, Binoba Vabe University, Hazaribagh, Jharkhand
  2. Hitendra Anupam, University Department of History, B. V. University, Hazaribagh, Jharkhand
  3. Shiv Kumar Mishra, Bihar Research Society, Patna Museum, Patna
  4. Sunil Kumar Jha, Archaeological Survey of India, Patna Circle, patna
  5. Arun Kumar Prabhakar, Co-ordinator, INTACH, Patna chapter, Patna.

17 January 2015

Technical Session on ‘Culture of Mithila Sectional President – Prof. Sureshwar Jha Rtd. Prof. Pol. Sc. C. M. College, Darbhanga.

Resource Persons-

  1. Professor Vidyeshwar Jha, University Department of Veda, K. S. D. S. U, Darbhanga.
  2. Mahendra Narayan Ram, Associate Professor, Pusa Agriculture College, Pusa
  3. Nand Kishor Choudhary, KSDSU, Darbhanga
  4. Avanindra Kumar Jha, R. B. Jalan College, Darbhanga
  5. Vibhash Kumar, co-ordinator National Manuscript Conservation Programme, Patna

Validictory Session-

Presided by Prof. S. Mumtazuddin, Hon`ble Pro Vice-Chancellor, LNMU, Darbhanga
Guest of Honour- Dr. U. C. Dwivedi and Professor Sureshwar Jha.

Vote of Thanks-

Dr. Ayodhya Nath Jha, Convenor, National Seminar University Department of AIHA&C
Total beneficiaries-171.


Ideas upon the latest research upon Archaeology and Culture of Mithila archaeological excavation of new sites, Mithila painting, rock art, temples religion and philosophy of Mithila and different aspects of the culture of Mithila.

Five days National Workshop on “Preservative conservation of Manuscripts” with assistance of National Mission for Manuscripts, Ministry of Culture, Government of India, New Delhi on 20th March 2017 to 24th March 2017.

Student Progression

Sr.No Name Period Works
01 Ram Promod Rai 1998-2000 Assistant Prifessor S.M.R.C.K. College Samastipur
02 Bharti Kumari 2005-2007 Guest Faculty APSM College Barauni
03 Pratibha Kiran 2006-2008 Guest Faculty – PG AIHA & C LNMU
04 Sri Ram Pravesh Kumar 2006-2008 Leture+2 B.D.Y High School Pohaddi Ghanshyampur Darbhanga
05 Sh Md. Mumtaj Alam 2008-2010 Commandent in CRPF, Sri Nagar, Kasmir
06 Smt. Richa Kumari 2009-2011 Teacher, St- Xavier Academy, Begusarai
07 Sri. Narendra Kumar 2009-2011 Film Actor Mumbai
08 Sh. Md. Nasima 2009-2011 B.P.S.C Revenue Service, vaishali
09 Smt. Nikki Kumari 2009-2011 Teacher’s High School, Madhubani
10 Smt. Rachana Parasar 2010-2012 Commmunity Co- Ordinator, JIVIKA, Darbhanga
11 Sh. Sushil Kumar Jha 2010-2012 Area Co- Ordinator, JIVIKA, Sitamarhi
12 Sh. Ranjit Kumar 2010-2012 Teacher, Middle School Supaul
13 Sh. Md. Fahim 2010-2012 Teacher, Utakramit Madhya, vidyalay, Sadhawara Darbhanga
14 Smt. Sarita 2010-12 Child development Project officer, Purnea

Infrastructural Facilities

  • Library- 617 Books
  • Total number of class room- 01
  • Wash rooms-02

Supporting staff

Sl. No Name Designation Mobile E-mail id Photo
1 Manju Akela L.D.C 9525111280 N/A
2 Surendra Paswan Peon 7631173796 N/A
3 Manoj Ram Sweeper 9798235210 N/A