Department of Geography

About the Geography

In the era of Globalization Geography has emerged as most significant and relevant field of study. Accordingly the University Department of Geography was established in year 1972 with the vision to produce the best geographers and analyst for the academic and corporate world. Quality teaching is the most important objective of the department. The department is actively engaged in research development and invites eminent geographers to deliver lecture series and interact with the faculty members.

Former HoD's

Sr.No. Name Mobile Email Id Period
1 B. N. Jha N/A N/A Nov. 1976 to 1978
2 Sri P. N. Roy N/A N/A Feb. 1978 to 1979
3 N. Sharma N/A N/A Feb. 1979 to Jan. 2005
4 K. K. L. Das N/A N/A Feb. 2005 to June 2014
5 M.M. Panday N/A N/A Sept 2008 to March 2010

Faculty Members

Sl. No. Name Designation Mobile E-mail id Photo
1. Dr. Vinay Nath Jha Associste Professor & Head 9934963829
2. Dr. Anuranjan Associate Professor 9430676675
3. Assistant Professor 9569085481
4. Dr. Rashmi Shikha Assistant Professor N/A
5. Dr. Sunil Kumar Singh Assistant Professor 91-7259031144

Achievement of Faculty

Prof. Santosh Kumar Achievements

  1. Delivered key note Lecture organized by Dept. of Geography AND College. Shahpurpatori

  2. Valedictory Address at National Seminar organized by Dept. of Geography.G.D. College Begusarai.

  3. Supervised two research Scholars for Ph.D degree.

  4. Three research scholar present by under Ph.D Supervision.

Teachers Activity:-Dr. Anuranjan

  1. Course co-ordinator of Geography, Directorate of Distance Education , L.N.M.U Darbhanga.

  2. Co-ordinator, IQAC,K.S College (2015-17) lead the college to have NAAC accreditation in 2017.

  3. Member for preparation of Curriculum committee, B.A (CBCS) at Patna University Patna ( meeting held on 15th feb 2018).

  4. Member for preparation of Curriculum committee, M.A (CBSC) at Patna University Patna ( meeting held on 07th May 2018) and(meeting held on 27th Mat 2019) .

  5. Research Guidance :- 1. Supervised eight research scholars, awarded with Ph.D degree. 2. Five research scholars pursuing their research work presently.

  6. Seminar / Conferences:-

  7. . Organising secretary of UGC Sponsored National Seminar and 11th Conference of MAG, organized on 17-18 March 2018, by Univ. Dept. of Geography L.N.M.U

    . Chaired a technical session of 6th International Conference of NAGI at Nalanda open University Patna, 18-20 Nov 2016.

    . Chaired a technical session of National Seminar at A.N. College Patna, 28-29 May, 2017.

    . Presented a paper at 39th IGU of NAGI at Osmania Universuty Hyderabad on 05-07 Dec. 2017

    . Presented paper at 21st Annual Conference of AGBJ at Magadh University, Bodh Gaya, 12-13 Oct.2019.

    . Presented paper at 41st IGU of NAGI at Dr. Hari Singh Gaur University, Sagar, M.P 28-30 Dec. 2019.

    . Presented paper at International Seminar at L.N.M.U Darbhanga on 22-23 Feb 2020.

    Teachers’ Activities: Dr. Manu Raj Sharma

    1. Nominated as Life time member of India Meteorological Society for contribution in research in climate sciencs.

    2. Appointed as Course Coordinator Outreach Program , Indian Spoace Research Organisation (ISRO), Department of Space, Government of India.

    3. Appointed as member of committee for the preparation of curriculum and course material of “Computer & Skill” for the student of PG under C.B.C.S. Skill Enhancement Course.

    4. Appointed as member of “Research Promotion and Innovation Cell” to formulation plans of action to promote research and innovation activities In L.N.M.University Darbhanga.

    5. Member of the Internal Quality and Assurance Cell (IQAC) for period 2019-2020.

    6. Participated in Online conference on “Geographical Perspective of water resources: Issues and Challenges” organized by Russian Geographical Society (RGS) and National Association of Geographers, India on 16 July 2020.

    7. Participated in Three days National program on “Resilient Settlement 2030: Exploring the role of Spatial Planning” organized by National Institute Of Disaster Management and School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal from 8-10 September 2020.

    8. Successfully completed online skill development program on “Thermally forced circulation II. Mountain/Valley Breezes” and “Flow interaction With Topography’ in October 2020 organized by COMET Met Ed Programs.

    9. Published a paper titled Characterzing warming through Observed Changes in Temperature Extremes over Himachal Pradesh and Panjab. Indian Journal of Spatial Sciencs. 11 (1) 7-16. (ISSN-95542).

1. Elected as Secretary and Treasurer of International Geographical Union (IGU) Task Force Young & Early Career Geographers (June 2017-August 2020) 2nd term –

2. Elected (competitive) as executive committee member of gender and feminist geographies research group of Royal Geographical Society (united Kingdom) (September 2016- September 2019, re-elected till September 2022)

3. Received Full cover Grant (comptitive) from university of Manchesters as in excellent shchollar from the global south to present paper in development studies association annual conference , Manchesters , UNITED KINGDOM(27-29JUNE 2018)./

4. Research collaborator on cross –country international project: The impact of COVID19 on Mobility and travel behaviour in the world ; led by Norwegin University of science and technology ,Trondheim, Norway (May 2020 onwads).

5. Paper published in scopus index indexed international journal : “ Moving beyond economic analaysis: Assessing the socio-culture impacts of Displacement and Ressettlement by sardar sarovar project , INDIA” in geography, environment , sustainability, vol.13,N0.3 pp.90-101,2020 Russian Geographical Society, Online ISSN:2542-1565

6. Textbook: (C0-authored) Perspectives in human geography, concept publication, New Delhi 2021 ISBN:9789388937832

7. Appointed as subject expert by Governor of Bihar Secreteriat, RajBhawan Patna for finalizing model syllabus (Post Graduated in Geography) under choice based credits sstem implemented on the state universities of Bihar regarding letter no.BSU(Regulation) -20/2018-1510/GS(I) Dated 5/6/2018.

8. Subject Expert, Development of self learning material of MA Geography, Uttarakhand Open University Haldwani August 2019 onwards.

9. Resource person, Development of self learning material of PG Diploma in Disasters management, NDMA & Odisha State Open University 2020 onwards.

10. Committee Member for the preparation of curriculum and course material of CBCS skill Enhancement course (PG 2nd semester) on Environmental law.

11. External experts to formulated Ordinance Regulation and syllabus of One year P.G. Diploma in Remote Sensing and GIS at Dept. of Geography Patna University.

12 Co-ordinator for a consultative workshop on, Nail Talim, Experimential Learning and work education in school and teacher education curriculum, funded by Mahatma Gandhi National Coucil of Rural Education (MGNCRE) and organized by L.N. MITHILA UNIVERSITY DARBHANGA 8feb 2019 .

13. Active member, organizing team of the NAAC awareness and Training workshop organized under the ageis of Raj Bhawan Patna by L.N.MITHILA UNIVERSITY DARBHANGA on 4-5 april 2019.

14. Joint organizing secretry at UGC sponsored national seminar on “Disasters management for sustainable Development” organized by L.N.M UNIVERSITY DARBHANGA BIHAR from 17-18 Mar 2018.

Seminar / Conferences / Workshop

  • 11th Conference of A.G.B.J. under the aegis of University Deptt. Of Geography, L.N. Mithila University, Darbhanga, 5-6 Dec. 2009.
  • U.G.C. Sponsored National Seminar under the aegis of University Deptt. Of Geography, L.N. Mithila University, Darbhanga, 27-28 Nov. 2014.
  • UGC Sponsored National Seminar on "Disaster Management for sustainable Development" 17-18 March, 2018.
  • Skill Enhancement workshop on Geospatial Technology in Geography, 25 September 2019
  • Discussion to celebrate International Biodiversity day on 22 May 2019.
  • Excursion Trip to IMD, Patna and Survey of India, Patna on Science Day 28 February 2020.
  • Pledge taking online celebration on world Environment Day 05 June 2020
  • National Conference (Virtual) Socio - Economic Challenge and Opportunities in Mithila Region 13 February 2021
  • International Webinar 3 August 2021 Department of Geography , L.N.M.University Darbhanga
  • Education Trip to Vaishali surrrounding of M.A IV semester Students December 2021.

Student Profile

Name of the Course: M.A.

Year Total Appeared Passed % of Pass Student
Male Female Male Female
2009 24 12 12 12 12 100%
2010 26 17 09 17 09 100%
2011 45 37 08 37 08 100%
2012 41 26 15 26 15 100%
2013 34 23 11 23 11 100%
2014 39 20 19 20 19 100%
2015 72 26 46 26 46 100%
2016 72 28 44 28 44 100%
2017 72 27 45 27 45 100%
2018 72 25 47 25 47 100%
2019 119 53 66 53 66 100%
2020 122

Student Progression: Students Achievement / Civil Services, etc.

Sl. No. Name NET / GATE / SET
1. Dr. Rashmi Sikha NET/ Assistant Prof. K.S.College Laheriasarai
2. Dr. Gopal Nr. Choudhary NET
3. Dr. Vikas Ranjan NET Asst. Teacher
4. Dr. Ram Vinay Thakur NET Asst. Teacher 10+2 High School
5. Mr. Sonu Kumar Das JRF & Research scholar
6. Mr.Ram Kumar Sah NET& Research scholar
7. Ms.saraswati Kumari NET& Research scholar
8. Ms.Bhavya Kumari NET& Research scholar
9. Ms.Ragani Kumari NET& Research scholar

Ph.D. Produced in last 5 years

2016 08
2017 14
2018 19
2019 24
2020 15
2021 04
Total = 84

Infrastructural Facilities:

Class Room 02
Wash Room 01
Common Room 01
Computer Room 01
Office 01
Store Room 01
Teachers Chamber 02
Library with Reading Room 01

Supporting Staff

Sl. No. Name Designation Mobile E-mail id Photo
1. Sri Anil Kumar Assistant 9122640554
2. Sri Randhir Prasad Ranveer Demonstrator 8539044024
3. Sri Uday kumar Udesh Computer Operator 9709450430
4. Sri Mohit Kant Jha Peon
5. Md.Rizwan Azad IV th Grade 8340198289