Notice04.07.2022 Memo No. - XC-10228-10272-22 icon_pdf
Notice04.07.2022 Regarding Notification of L.L.B. Part-III Examination-2022icon_pdf
Notice01.07.2022 Notification regarding transfer of Dr. Vishwa Deepak Tripathiicon_pdf
Notice01.07.2022 Corrigendum regarding renewal of engagement of Guest/Part-Time Teachersicon_pdf
Notice30.06.2022 Notification regarding appointment of Assistant Professor in the subject of Persianicon_pdf
Notice30.06.2022 Notification regarding appointment of Assistant Professor in the subject of Geographyicon_pdf
Notice29.06.2022 Notification regarding transfer of Smt. Nitu Kumariicon_pdf
Notice29.06.2022 Notification regarding appointment of Head, University Department of Chemistryicon_pdf
Notice27.06.2022 पत्रांक C-DR-I- 14495-14592-22icon_pdf
Notice27.06.2022 ज्ञापांक- C-DR-I - 14593-14599-22icon_pdf
Notice27.06.2022 Notification regarding transfer of Dr. Mithilesh Chandra Jhaicon_pdf
Notice27.06.2022 Notification of B.Tech. (CSE & IT) 8th Semester (Session : 2018-22) Practical/Viva-Voce/Project Examination-2022 icon_pdf
Notice23.06.2022 Letter No-CCDC-235/21 Regarding meeting icon_pdf
Notice23.06.2022 Notification of Confirmation of newly appointed teachers (bpsc),icon_pdf
Notice20.06.2022 Memo No XC -9765-9779-22 icon_pdf
Notice20.06.2022 Memo No XC-9721-9735-22 icon_pdf
Notice20.06.2022 Memo No XC-9743-9757-22 icon_pdf
Notice20.06.2022 Memo No XC-9787-9801-22 icon_pdf
Notice20.06.2022 Memo No XC-9699-9713-22 icon_pdf
Notice13.06.2022 Notification Memo No. 108/22 icon_pdf
Notice13.06.2022 Notification Memo No. 107/22 icon_pdf
Notice10.06.2022 Notification of Examination Programme and Centre for B.Ed. Part-II (Session : 2020-22) Examination-2022 icon_pdf
Notice06.06.2022 Notice of Managing Council Meeting icon_pdf
Notice06.06.2022 Univ Memo No. 13877-13883-22 icon_pdf
Notice02.06.2022 Notification Memo - Ph.D 39794-883-22 icon_pdf
Notice30.05.2022 Notification Memo No -SC-96-22 icon_pdf
Notice30.05.2022 Memo No. 97 date 30.05.2022icon_pdf
Notice30.05.2022 Memo No. 98 date 30.05.2022icon_pdf
Notice26.05.2022 Notification Memo No -UB-653-22 icon_pdf
Notice23.05.2022 Rectification Memo No -XC-8376-8390-22icon_pdf
Notice23.05.2022 Rectification Office Memo No-XC-8347-8362-22icon_pdf
Notice23.05.2022 Univ. Memo No. C-IC-13697-13703-22icon_pdf
Notice19.05.2022 पत्रांक C-DR-I-13658-22 icon_pdf
Notice21.04.2022 Memo No C-ccdc-13376-13372-22icon_pdf
Notice19.04.2022 Notification Examination Programme & Centre of M.B.A. 4th Semester (Session : 2019-21) Viva-Voce-cum-Practical Examinationicon_pdf
Notice11.04.2022 Notification Memo No - SC-58-22icon_pdf
Notice11.04.2022 Notification Memo No -XC-5293-5308-22icon_pdf
Notice08.04.2022 Notification Examination Forms, Fee and Examination Programme of B.Lib. & Information Science Examination, 2022icon_pdf
Notice06.04.2022 Notification Examination Programme and Centre of B.Tech. (CSE) 1st Semester (Session : 2020-24) Backlog/Summer Examination-2020icon_pdf
Notice06.04.2022 Notification Examination Programme & Centre of B.Tech. (CSE) 3rd Semester (Session : 2019-23) Backlog/Summer Examination-2020icon_pdf
Notice06.04.2022 Notification Examination Programme & Centre of B.Tech. (IT) 3rd Semester (Session : 2019-23) Backlog/Summer Examination-2020icon_pdf
Notice06.04.2022 Notification of University Representative (UR) Memo No C/CCDC/13061-13104/22icon_pdf
Notice06.04.2022 Notificaton Prograamme and Centre of B.Tech. (BI) 1st Semester (Session : 2020-24) Backlog/Summer Examination-2020icon_pdf
Notice06.04.2022 Notification Examination Programme and Centre of B.Tech. (CSE) 6th Semester (Session : 2018-22) Backlog/Summer Examination-2021icon_pdf
Notice06.04.2022 Notification of B.Tech. (IT) 1st Semester (Session : 2020-24) Backlog/Summer Examination-2020icon_pdf
Notice30.03.2022 Notification of Examination Fees and Form for B.Ed. (Part-I) (Session : 2021-23) Examination-2022icon_pdf
Notice30.03.2022 Notification of form and fees for M.Ed. 3rd Semester (Session : 2020-22) and 1st Semester (Session : 2021-23) Examination-2021icon_pdf
Notice29.03.2022 Notification form filling date of BBA Part-I, Session : 2020-22 and 2021-24 New and Old Course together with BCA Part-I, Session : 2020-23 and 2021-24 New and Old Courseicon_pdf
Notice28.03.2022 Notification Examination Programme and Centre of B.Tech. (CSE) 7th Semester (Session : 2018-22) Examination-2021icon_pdf
Notice28.03.2022 Notification Examination Programme and Centre of B.Tech. (CSE) 4th Semester (Session : 2019-23) Examination-2021icon_pdf
Notice28.03.2022 Notification Examination Programme and Centre of B.Tech. (CSE) 2nd Semester (Session : 2020-24) Examination-2021icon_pdf
Notice28.03.2022 Notification Examination Programme and Centre of B.Tech. (IT) 4th Semester (Session : 2019-23) Examination-2021icon_pdf
Notice28.03.2022 Notification Examination Programme and Centre of B.Tech. (IT) 7th Semester (Session : 2018-22) Examination-2021icon_pdf
Notice28.03.2022 Notification Examination Programme and Centre of B.Tech. (IT) 2nd Semester (Session : 2020-24) Examination-2021icon_pdf
Notice28.03.2022 Notification Examination Programme and Centre of B.Tech. (BI) 2nd Semester (Session : 2020-24) Examination-2021icon_pdf
Notice28.03.2022 Notification Examination Forms and Fee of B.Tech. (CSE/IT) 7th Semester (Session : 2018-22), B.Tech. (CSE/IT) 4th Semester (Session : 2019-23), and B.Tech. (CSE/IT/BI) 2nd Semester (Session : 2020-24) Examination-2021icon_pdf
Notice28.03.2022 Notification Examination Forms and Fee of Backlog/Summer B.Tech. (CSE/IT) 6th Semester (Session : 2018-22), B.Tech. (CSE/IT) 3rd Semester (Session : 2019-23), and B.Tech (CSE/IT/BI) 1st Semester (Session : 2020-24) Examination-2020icon_pdf
Notice28.03.2022 Notification of B.P.Ed. Part-I (Session : 2015-17 to 2020-22) Subject : Part-B Practical PC-101, 102, 103 and Part-C Teaching Practice External/Internal Examination-2021icon_pdf
Notice26.03.2022 Regarding memo no. C/DR-I/12700 - 12767/22icon_pdf
Notice26.03.2022 Univ. Memo no. C/IC/12675-12682/22icon_pdf
Notice26.03.2022 Univ Memo No. C/IC/12668-12674/22 icon_pdf
Notice24.03.2022 Rectification of Examination Fee and Forms of BCA (Hons.) Semester - I (Session : 2021-24) Examination-2021icon_pdf
Notice24.03.2022 Rectification of Examination Fee and Forms of BBA (Hons.) Semester - I (Session : 2021-24) Examination-2021icon_pdf
Notice23.03.2022 Rectification of M.Sc. (Bio-technology) 4th Semester (Session : 2019-21) Examination-2021icon_pdf
Notice21.03.2022 Notification of Examination Fee and Forms of M.Sc. (Bio-technology) 4th Semester (Session : 2019-21) Examination-2021icon_pdf
Notice11.03.2022 Nofication Memo No C-IC-12372-12378-22 icon_pdf
Notice11.03.2022 Notification Memo No I-IC-12365-12371-22 icon_pdf
Notice09.03.2022 बी० एड० सत्र - 2021-23 में पंजीयन के सम्बन्ध में। icon_pdf
Notice09.03.2022 ज्ञापांक C-IC-12326-12332-22 icon_pdf
Notice09.03.2022 Notification Memo No C-DR-II-12206-12241-22 icon_pdf
Notice09.03.2022 Notification Memo No C-DR-II-12242-12278-22 icon_pdf
Notice09.03.2022 Notification Memo No C-DR-II-12287-12342-22 icon_pdf
Notice03.03.2022 Univ. Memo No. - C-IC-12103-12115-22 icon_pdf
Notice03.03.2022 Memo No. - XC-3481-3496-22 icon_pdf
Notice02.03.2022 Notification Memo No- Sc-42-22 icon_pdf
Notice02.03.2022 Letter No. - XC-3380-3430-22 icon_pdf
Notice26.02.2022शुद्धि -पत्र ज्ञापांक C-IC-12040-12046-22 icon_pdf
Notice25.02.2022अधिसूचना ज्ञापांक -C-SW-11864-11976-22 icon_pdf
Notice25.02.2022महाविद्यालय में संचालित बी० बी० ए० एवं बी ० सी० ए० कोर्स में सत्र 2021-23 से CBCS पाठ्यक्रम के सम्बन्ध में। icon_pdf
Notice22.02.2022Notification Memo No- C-DR-II-11694-11838-22 icon_pdf
Notice22.02.2022Notification Memo No -C-DR-II-11548-11693-22 icon_pdf
Notice19.02.2022Notification Memo No - UB-651-22 icon_pdf
Notice17.02.2022कार्यालय आदेश Letter No - DIV-258-22icon_pdf
Notice17.02.2022Notification Memo C-IC-11492-11503-22icon_pdf
Notice17.02.2022Univ. Memo No. C-IC-11469-11481-22 icon_pdf
Notice17.02.2022Univ. Memo No. C-IC-11482-11488-22 icon_pdf
Notice16.02.2022अधिसूचना ज्ञापांक -XC-2576-2625-22 icon_pdf
Notice15.02.2022Notification Memo no -C-DR-II-11246-11535-22 icon_pdf
Notice12.02.2022 CORRIGENDUM Memo No - C-DR-II-11048-61-22 icon_pdf
Notice10.02.2022Notification Memo No - C-IC-10904-10-22icon_pdf
Notice10.02.2022 Notification Memo No - C-IC-10911-17-22icon_pdf
Notice10.02.2022Notification Memo No -C-IC-10919-25-22icon_pdf
Notice10.02.2022Notification Memo no -C-IC-10926-32-22icon_pdf
Notice10.02.2022Notification Memo no- C-IC-10933-39-22 icon_pdf
Notice10.02.2022 Notification Memo No C-IC-10940-46-22 icon_pdf
Notice09.02.2022Notification Memo No - C-IQAC-10790-22 icon_pdf
Notice28.01.2022Notification Memo No SC-11-22icon_pdf
Notice28.01.2022Notification Memo No SC-12-22icon_pdf
Notice28.01.2022Notification Memo No SC-13-22icon_pdf
Notice28.01.2022Notification Memo No SC-14-22icon_pdf
Notice28.01.2022Notification Memo No SC-15-22icon_pdf
Notice28.01.2022Notification Memo No SC-16-22icon_pdf
Notice28.01.2022Notification Memo No SC-17-22icon_pdf
Notice28.01.2022Notification Memo No SC-18-22icon_pdf
Notice28.01.2022Notification Memo No SC-19-22icon_pdf
Notice25.01.2022Memo No. - XC-1434-1453-22icon_pdf
Notice24.01.2022Notification Memo No - C-DR-II-10213-357-22icon_pdf
Notice17.01.2022Notice For University Department Of Commerce & Business Administration icon_pdf
Notice23-12-2021Notification Memo No - SC-358- 21icon_pdf
Notice21-12-2021Notification Memo No - XC- 22925-939-21icon_pdf
Notice21-12-2021Notification Memo No - XC-22895-909-21icon_pdf
Notice21-12-2021Notification Memo No - XC-22940-954-21icon_pdf
Notice21-12-2021Notification Memo no - XC-22970-984-21icon_pdf
Notice21-12-2021Notification Memo No - XC-22985-999-21icon_pdf
Notice21-12-2021Notification Memo No XC-23000-23015icon_pdf
Notice21-12-2021Notification Memo No- XC- 22910-924-21icon_pdf
Notice21-12-2021Notification Memo No- XC-22955-969-21icon_pdf
Notice08-12-2021Letter No. - XC-22360-74-21icon_pdf
Notice06-12-2021Memo No. - XC-22329-345-21icon_pdf
Notice02-12-2021Memo No. - XC-22261-300-21icon_pdf
Notice02-10-2021Letter No. XC\19153-19252\21icon_pdf
Notice01-10-2021Notification Letter No. - XC-19034-19102-21icon_pdf
Notice01-10-2021Notification Memo No. - XC-18930-984-21icon_pdf
Notice28-09-2021Notification Memo No. - XC-18140-18188-21icon_pdf
Notice23-09-2021Notification Memo No -XC-17233-247-21icon_pdf
Notice23-09-2021Notification Memo No -XC-17199-215-21icon_pdf
Notice23-09-2021Notification Memo No - XC-17248-264-21icon_pdf
Notice23-09-2021Notification Memo No - XC-17216-232-21icon_pdf
Notice22-09-2021Notification Memo No - SC-309-21icon_pdf
Notice20-09-2021Notification Memo No XC-16897-915-21icon_pdf
Notice18-09-2021CORRIGENDUM Meno No - C-IC-10506icon_pdf
Notice18-09-2021Notification Memo No - C-IC-10495-501-21icon_pdf
Notice16-09-2021Notification Memo No C-DR-II-10281-317-21icon_pdf
Notice16-09-2021Notification Memo No -C-Dr-II- 10322-483-21icon_pdf
Notice16-09-2021Notification Memo No -ECO-119-21icon_pdf
Notice13-09-2021Notification Memo No C-IC-10240-52-21icon_pdf
Notice09-09-2021CORRIGENDUM Memo No- C-IC-10179-90-21icon_pdf
Notice09-09-2021Letter No. - XC-16088-105-21icon_pdf
Notice09-09-2021अधिसूचना ज्ञापांक - XC- 16088-105-21icon_pdf
Notice08-09-2021Notification Memo No - C-IC-10036-46-21icon_pdf
Notice07-09-2021Notification Memo No - Xc-15762-778-21icon_pdf
Notice04-09-2021Notification Memo No - C-IC-9844-56-21icon_pdf
Notice04-09-2021Notification Memo No - C-IC-9857-69-21icon_pdf
Notice02-09-2021Notice Memo No - C-R-9754-804-21icon_pdf
Notice02-09-2021Notification Memo No - C-IC-9733-44-21icon_pdf
Notice02-09-2021Notification Memo No. - XC-15178-96-21icon_pdf
Notice01-09-2021Notification Memo No - SC-277-21icon_pdf
Notice31-08-2021Notification Memo No - SC-274-21icon_pdf
Notice26-08-2021Notification Memo No. SC-269-21icon_pdf
Notice26-08-2021Memo No. - XC-14412-461-21icon_pdf
Notice26-08-2021Memo No. - XC-14490-539-21icon_pdf
Notice26-08-2021Notification Reg. Proctorial Boardicon_pdf
Notice26-08-2021Memo No. - XC-14238-59-21icon_pdf
Notice26-08-2021Memo No. - XC-14268-88-21icon_pdf
Notice25-08-2021CORRIGENDUM Memo mo - XC-14147-194-21icon_pdf
Notice25-08-2021Notification Memo No. - XC-14043-91-21icon_pdf
Notice24-08-2021महाविद्यालय के नियमित च0 व0 कर्मिओ के खाँकि वर्दी कपड़े प्राप्त करने के सम्बन्ध में।icon_pdf
Notice24-08-2021Memo No. - XC-12950-13070-21icon_pdf
Notice19-08-2021B.ED, Special Examination Session - 2000-2001icon_pdf
Notice19-08-2021Notification Memo No - C-IC-9255-67-21icon_pdf
Notice19-08-2021Notification Memo No - C-IC-9277-82-21icon_pdf
Notice19-08-2021Letter No. - XC-12797-817-21icon_pdf
Notice18-08-2021सूचना ज्ञापांक C-CCDC-9171-22-21icon_pdf
Notice18-08-2021Memo No. - XC-12764-783-21icon_pdf
Notice18-08-2021अधिसूचना ज्ञापांक - C-DR-I-9017-164-21icon_pdf
Notice14-08-2021Notification Memo No -SC-252-21icon_pdf
Notice14-08-2021Notification Memo No - SC-253-21icon_pdf
Notice14-08-2021Letter No. - XC-11024-11070-21icon_pdf
Notice14-08-2021Letter No. - XC-11024-11070-21icon_pdf
Notice13-08-2021OFFICE ORDER Memo No - C-DR-II-8906-19-21icon_pdf
Notice12-08-2021Online Exam form BA_BSc._B.Com (Hons. Sub. Gen) Date 12-08-2021 to 14-08-2021icon_pdf
Notice11-08-2021अधिसूचना ज्ञापांक - XC-9835-9856-21icon_pdf
Notice11-08-2021Notification Memo No - C-IC-8777-83-21icon_pdf
Notice11-08-2021Notification - Memo No.XC-9708-9809-21icon_pdf
Notice11-08-2021Notification-Memmo No-XC-9815-33-21icon_pdf
Notice09-08-2021Programme for B.D.S Oral & Practical Examination 2021icon_pdf
Notice09-08-2021M.D.S Part - I & Final Examination - 2021icon_pdf
Notice07-08-2021सूचना ज्ञापांक 14217-21icon_pdf
Notice06-08-2021Notification Memo No. SC/228/21icon_pdf
Notice05-08-2021Notification Nemo No - C-IC-8536-41-21icon_pdf
Notice04-08-2021Reg. Degree Part-I (2020-21) Registrationicon_pdf
Notice04-08-2021Notification Memo No - SC-525-21icon_pdf
Notice31-07-2021Notification Memo No - SC-222-21icon_pdf
Notice31-07-2021Notification Memo No - SC-221-21icon_pdf
Notice28-07-2021Notice Memo No- AC - 3275-80-21icon_pdf
Notice27-07-2021BVKV College Samastipur Name on Affiliated College listicon_pdf
Notice27-07-2021Memo No. - XC-8538-48-21icon_pdf
Notice23-07-2021Notification Memo No - C-DR-II-7981-040-21icon_pdf
Notice13-07-2021Memo No. SC/200/21icon_pdf
Notice29-06-2021Library Committee Meetingicon_pdf
Notice19-06-2021Regarding authorisation of Inspector of Colleges (Arts & Com)icon_pdf
Notice16-06-2021Memo No. - XC-7275-85-21icon_pdf
Notice15-06-2021Memo No. - XC-7194-7205-21icon_pdf
Notice09-06-2021Letter No.-XC-7025-70-21icon_pdf
Notice31-05-2021Memo No.-XC-7070-82-21icon_pdf
Notice19-05-2021Letter No. XC-7009-50-21icon_pdf
Notice19-05-2021Letter No. XC-7051-60-21icon_pdf
Notice17-05-2021Letter No. - XC-6903-7003-21icon_pdf
Notice15-05-2021Letter No. - XC-6853-95-21icon_pdf
Notice15-05-2021UG Registration date Extend 2020-23icon_pdf
Notice30-04-2021Letter No. : XC/6771-6871/21icon_pdf
Notice30-04-2021Letter No. : XC/6726-70/21icon_pdf
Notice29-04-2021PG Registration date Extend 2020-22icon_pdf
Notice28-04-2021NOTIFICATION-Fee & Form-B.Ed. Part-I (Session-2020-22) Examination, 2021icon_pdf
Notice20-04-2021Notice Memo No.-XC/6465-6665/21icon_pdf
Notice16-04-2021Office Order Memo no -C/DR-1/6041-141/21icon_pdf
Notice15-04-2021Notice memo no C-R-6031-39/21icon_pdf
Notice12-04-2021Notification Memo No. 169 icon_pdf
Notice7-04-2021Notification Memo No. 165 icon_pdf
Notice27-03-2021Notification Memo No-XC-5703-5804-21 icon_pdf
Notice26-03-2021Notification Memo No. 158icon_pdf
Notice26-03-2021Notification Memo No. 159icon_pdf
Notice26-03-2021Notification Memo No. 160icon_pdf
Notice23-03-2021Notification Memo No. 1518-50icon_pdf
Notice18-03-2021CORRIGENDUM Memo No - C-IC-A&C-5041-47-21icon_pdf
Notice09-03-2021सूचना ज्ञापांक C-R- 4472-4609-21icon_pdf
Notice09-03-2021Notification Memo No - C-IC-A&C-4371-80-21icon_pdf
Notice08-03-2021Notification Memo No - UB-623-21icon_pdf
Notice06-03-2021Notification Memo No -4123-4268icon_pdf
Notice04-03-2021अधिसूचना C-DR-I-3921-4061-21icon_pdf
Notice03-03-2021Notification Memo No- UB-622-21icon_pdf
Notice03-03-2021Notification Memo NoC-IC-A&C- 3755-68-21icon_pdf
Notice02-03-2021Notification Memo No - C-R-3533-3701-21icon_pdf
Notice02-03-2021Notification Memo No- C-R-3414-3532-21icon_pdf
Notice02-03-2021Notification Memo No-EST-2792-98-21icon_pdf
Notice02-03-2021Notification Memo No. 3399-3413icon_pdf
Notice02-03-2021Notification Memo No- C-DR-II-3367-96-21icon_pdf
Notice22-02-2021Notification Memo No. 2996-3136icon_pdf
Notice20-02-2021Notification Memo No- C-DR-II-2899-2929-21icon_pdf
Notice20-02-2021Notification Memo No- SC-140-21icon_pdf
Notice19-02-2021Notification Memo No - LNMU -CR-1470-76-21icon_pdf
Notice13-02-2021RECTIFICATION -Memo No-XC-4035-45-21icon_pdf
Notice10-02-2021Notification Memo No - C-DR-II-2624-32-21icon_pdf
Notice10-02-2021CORRIGENDUM MEMO NO C-PRO-2681-84-21icon_pdf
Notice08-02-2021SC 119 of 2021icon_pdf
Notice06-02-2021अधिसूचना ज्ञापांक C-IC-ASC-2515-20-21icon_pdf
Notice06-02-2021अधिसूचना ज्ञापांक C-IC-ASC-2491-96-21icon_pdf
Notice06-02-2021अधिसूचना ज्ञापांक C-IC-ASC-2485-90-21icon_pdf
Notice06-02-2021अधिसूचना ज्ञापांक C-IC-ASC-2479-84-21icon_pdf
Notice06-02-2021अधिसूचना ज्ञापांक C-IC-ASC-2473-78-21icon_pdf
Notice06-02-2021अधिसूचना ज्ञापांक C-IC-ASC-2467-72-21icon_pdf
Notice06-02-2021अधिसूचना ज्ञापांक C-IC-ASC-2461-66-21icon_pdf
Notice06-02-2021अधिसूचना ज्ञापांक C-IC-ASC-2455-60-21icon_pdf
Notice06-02-2021अधिसूचना ज्ञापांक C-IC-ASC-2449-54-21icon_pdf
Notice06-02-2021अधिसूचना ज्ञापांक C-IC-ASC-2443-48-21icon_pdf
Notice06-02-2021अधिसूचना ज्ञापांक C-IC-ASC-2431-36-21icon_pdf
Notice06-02-2021अधिसूचना ज्ञापांक C-IC-ASC-2425-30-21icon_pdf
Notice06-02-2021अधिसूचना ज्ञापांक C-IC-ASC-2419-24-21icon_pdf
Notice06-02-2021अधिसूचना ज्ञापांक C-IC-ASC-2413-18-21icon_pdf
Notice06-02-2021अधिसूचना ज्ञापांक C-IC-ASC-2407-12-21icon_pdf
Notice06-02-2021अधिसूचना ज्ञापांक C-IC-ASC-2539-44-21icon_pdf
Notice06-02-2021अधिसूचना ज्ञापांक C-IC-ASC-2533-38-21icon_pdf
Notice06-02-2021अधिसूचना ज्ञापांक C-IC-ASC-2527-32-21icon_pdf
Notice06-02-2021अधिसूचना ज्ञापांक C-IC-ASC-2521-26-21icon_pdf
Notice06-02-2021अधिसूचना ज्ञापांक C-IC-ASC-2502-07-21icon_pdf
Notice06-02-2021अधिसूचना ज्ञापांक C-IC-ASC-2509-14-21icon_pdf
Notice06-02-2021अधिसूचना ज्ञापांक C-IC-ASC-2497-2502-21icon_pdf
Notice06-02-2021अधिसूचना ज्ञापांक C-IC-ASC-2437-42-21icon_pdf
Notice06-02-2021अधिसूचना ज्ञापांक C-IC-ASC-2401-06-21icon_pdf
Notice06-02-2021अधिसूचना ज्ञापांक C-IC-ASC-2395-2400-21icon_pdf
Notice05-02-2021Notice Memo No -C-PRO-2373-21icon_pdf
Notice04-02-2021Memo No. SC-113 of 2021icon_pdf
Notice04-02-2021सूचना ज्ञापांक Ph.D 2923-48-21icon_pdf
Notice04-02-2021Notification Memo No. 2294-308 of 2021icon_pdf
Notice04-02-2021Notification Memo No. SC 108 of 2021icon_pdf
Notice03-02-2021SC 107 of 2021icon_pdf
Notice03-02-2021Notification Memo No- C-R-2196-204-21icon_pdf
Notice03-02-2021Notification Memo No. SC 70-106 of 2021icon_pdf
Notice03-02-2021Notification Memo No- C-DR-II-2160-68-21icon_pdf
Notice02-02-2021Notification Memo No-C-DR-II-3399-3413-21icon_pdf
Notice02-02-2021Notification Memo No- C-DR-II-2160-68-21icon_pdf
Notice31-01-2021Memo no. 641-765 Insp. of Collegesicon_pdf
Notice30-01-2021Regarding re-constitution of LIBRARY COMMITTEEicon_pdf
Notice28-01-2021Notification Memo No C-PIO-1929-79-21icon_pdf
Notice21-01-2021Memo No. 1723-31 of 2021icon_pdf
Notice19-01-2021Memo No. SC 16-33 of 2021icon_pdf
Notice18-01-2021Notification Memo No- C-DR-II-1632-41-21icon_pdf
Notice15-01-2021Notification Memo No- C-IC-1489-95-21icon_pdf
Notice15-01-2021Notification Memo No - C-IC-1483-88-21icon_pdf
Notice11-01-2021"विश्वविधालय के पूर्वानुमति के बिना दैनिक पारिश्रमिक पर तिरतीय एवं चतुर्थ वर्गीय कर्मियों की नियुक्ति एवं सेवा महाविधालय मैं लिए जाने संबंध में।icon_pdf
Notice09-01-2021Notification Memo No- C-DR-II- 1167-97-21icon_pdf
Notice09-01-2021National Seminar Brochureicon_pdf
Notice09-01-2021International E-Conference Chemistry LNMUicon_pdf
Notice09-01-2021"National Online/Offline workshop" University Department of Music & Dramatics L.N.M.U. Darbhangaicon_pdf
Notice09-01-2021Memo No. 1167-97 of 2021icon_pdf
Notice09-01-2021Memo No. 1065-166 of 2021icon_pdf
Notice09-01-2021Memo No. 963-1064 of 2021icon_pdf
Notice08-01-2021Notification Memo No - UB-620-21icon_pdf
Notice07-01-2021Memo No. 347-447 of 2021icon_pdf
Notice06-01-2021Notification Memo No -C-CCDC-258-63-21icon_pdf
Notice05-01-2021Notification Memo No - C-DR-II-138-238-21icon_pdf
Notice05-01-2021Notification Memo No. 138-238 of 2021icon_pdf
Notice04-01-2021Notification Memo No-C-DR-II-10-110-21icon_pdf
Notice02-01-2021Notification Memo No- LNMU-CR-1432-21icon_pdf
Notice02-01-2021Notification Memo No - LNMU-CR-1433-21icon_pdf
Notice02-01-2021Memo No. 1031-1130 of 2021icon_pdf
Notice02-01-2021Memo No. 1131-1230 of 2021icon_pdf
Notice02-01-2021Memo No. 1231-1330 of 2021icon_pdf
Notice02-01-2021Memo No. 1331-1430 of 2021icon_pdf
Notice02-01-2021Memo No. 931-1030 of 2021icon_pdf
Notice29-12-2020OFFICE-ORDER Memo No-LNMU-CR-926-20icon_pdf
Notice22-12-2020Notification Memo No SC-4634 -60 of 2020icon_pdf
Notice22-12-2020अधिसूचना ज्ञापाक C-DR-1-33564-699-20icon_pdf
Notice22-12-2020Notification Memo No. 33413-563 of 2020icon_pdf
Notice21-12-2020Notification Memo No - UB-619-20icon_pdf
Notice21-12-2020Letter No. 4521-90 of 2020icon_pdf
Notice11-12-2020Subject wise list of applicants for admission to PG First Semester (2020-21)icon_pdf
Notice09-12-2020Letter No. 4264-98 of 2020icon_pdf
Notice08-12-2020Letter No. 4229-63 of 2020icon_pdf
Notice07-12-2020Letter No. 32477-581 of 2020icon_pdf
Notice03-12-2020Notification Memo no- LNMU-CR-906-20icon_pdf
Notice03-12-2020Letter No. SC 4042-4136 of 2020icon_pdf
Notice27-11-2020Reg. Notice for Degree Part-I (2020-23)icon_pdf
Notice27-11-2020Letter No. 31887-998 of 2020icon_pdf
Notice27-11-2020Letter No. 32125-242 of 2020icon_pdf
Notice27-11-2020Letter No. 31999-124 of 2020icon_pdf
Notice24-11-2020NOTIFICATION- Memo No-XC-28516-30-20icon_pdf
Notice24-11-2020NOTIFICATION-Memo No-XC-28459-75-20icon_pdf
Notice24-11-2020NOTIFICATION-Memo No-XC-28483-98-20icon_pdf
Notice24-11-2020Letter No. 31501-59 of 2020icon_pdf
Notice23-11-2020NOTIFICATION-Memo No-XC-28282-92-20 & XC-28293-300-20icon_pdf
Notice23-11-2020Letter No. 31291-395 of 2020icon_pdf
Notice23-11-2020Letter No. 31081-185 of 2020icon_pdf
Notice23-11-2020Letter No. 31186-290 of 2020icon_pdf
Notice12-11-2020Reg. Degree Admission Part-I (2020-23) (letter no. SW-2110-16)icon_pdf
Notice05-11-2020Reg. Degree Part-I (2018-21) Registration (letter no. SW-2025-32)icon_pdf
Notice04-11-2020NOTIFICATION-M.B.A. 2nd Semester (Session-2019-21) & 4th Semester (Session-2018-20) Examination, 2020icon_pdf
Notice04-11-2020NOTIFICATION-B.B.A. Part-I (Session-2019-22)& Part-II (Session-2018-21) Examination, 2020 icon_pdf
Notice04-11-2020NOTIFICATION-B.C.A. Part-I (Session-2019-22) & Part-II (Session-2018-21) Examination, 2020icon_pdf
Notice04-11-2020NOTIFICATION- B.Tech 4th Semester (Session-2018-22) 2nd Semester (Session-2019-23) and Examination B.Tech. 3rd Semester (Session-2018-22) & 1st Semester (Session-2019-23)icon_pdf
Notice10-11-2020PG 3rd SEMESTER SCRUTINY REPORT 2020icon_pdf
Notice02-11-2020PG 1st SEMESTER SCRUTINY REPORT 2020icon_pdf
Notice10-11-2020NOTIFICATION- Memo No-XC-27890-930-20icon_pdf
Notice06-11-2020Notification Memo No-C-IC-30939-20icon_pdf
Notice06-11-2020Notification Memo No- C-IC-30940-20icon_pdf
Notice02-11-2020NOTIFICATION-Memo No-XC-26982-27020-20icon_pdf
Notice30-10-2020NOTIFICATION-Examination of School Internship of B.Ed. 2nd Year (2018-20) (Memo No-26853-93-20)icon_pdf
Notice02-11-2020NOTIFICATION-Memo No-XC-26982-27020-20icon_pdf
Notice30-10-2020NOTIFICATION-Examination of School Internship of B.Ed. 2nd Year (2018-20) (Memo No-26853-93-20)icon_pdf
Notice02-11-2020Notification Memo No- C-IC-30821-30-20icon_pdf
Notice02-11-2020Notification Memo No C-R-30809-20icon_pdf
Notice02-11-2020Notification Memo No C-IC-30819-20icon_pdf
Notice02-11-2020Notification Memo No C-IC-30818-20icon_pdf
Notice02-11-2020Notification Memo No- C-IC-30817-20icon_pdf
Notice02-11-2020Notification Memo No C-IC-30816-20icon_pdf
Notice02-11-2020Notification Memo No C-IC-30815-20icon_pdf
Notice21-10-2020NOTIFICATION-B.Ed. Part-I (Theory) Examination, 2020 (Session-2019-21) Programme & Centre Listicon_pdf
Notice21-10-2020FIRST SELECTION LIST FOR ADMISSION IN UG PART-I (2020-21)icon_pdf
Notice21-10-2020FIRST CUT-OFF LIST FOR ADMISSION IN UG PART-I (2020-21)icon_pdf
Notice22-10-2020NOTIFICATION-Programme & Centre - M.Ed. 4th Semester (Session 2018-20) and M.Ed. 2nd Semester (Session 2019-21) Examination, 2020icon_pdf
Notice22-10-2020NOTIFICATION-Memo no-XC-26658-89-20icon_pdf
Notice21-10-2020Notice for Degree Part-I (2020-23)icon_pdf
Notice21-10-2020NOTIFICATION-Fee & Form -B.Ed. Part-I (Session-2019-21) Examination, 2020icon_pdf
Notice19-10-2020NOTIFICATION-EAT (Memo no-XC-26481-95-20)icon_pdf
Notice16-10-2020Memo No- XC-26448-60-20icon_pdf
Notice10-10-2020Notice- B.Ed. Admit card Issueicon_pdf
Notice29-10-2020Letter No. 3180-3210 of 2020icon_pdf
Notice13-10-2020NOTIFICATION - Part-I Practical Examination, 2020 (Memo No-XC-26265-266-20)icon_pdf
Notice13-10-2020Letter No-XC-26378-20icon_pdf
Notice12-10-2020आवश्यक सूचनाicon_pdf
Notice11-10-2020Notification-B.D.S. I, II, III & Final BDS. Examination (I)icon_pdf
Notice09-10-2020NOTIFICATION-L.L.B. Part-III Examination, 2020 (Memo No-XC-2611-21-20)icon_pdf
Notice06-10-2020NOTIFICATION - Examination forms and fee of L.L.B. Part-II Examination, 2020 (Memo No-XC/25767-77/20)icon_pdf
Notice21-09-2020Corrigendun-P.G. 4th Semester, Examination, 2020 (Memo No-XC-24853-65-20)icon_pdf
Notice08-10-2020NOTIFICATION-Memo no-XC-25943-26043-20icon_pdf
Notice01-10-2020Notification regarding assume the charge of the office of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor of L.N. Mithila University, Darbhangaicon_pdf
Notice30-09-2020Reg. Schedule of On-line Admission in Degree-I (2020-23)icon_pdf
Notice30-09-2020NOTIFICATION-P.G. (C.B.C.S.) New & Old Course 4th Semester (Practical-Project & Viva Voce) (Session 2018-20) Examination, 2020icon_pdf
Notice30-09-2020NOTIFICATION-(Centre List)-B.Ed. Part-II, Examination, 2020-Memo No.-XC-25597-672-20icon_pdf
Notice29-09-2020Regarding admission in P.G second semestericon_pdf
Notice26-09-2020Notification-B.Tech (IT & CSE) 6th Semester (Session-2016-20) B.Tech (IT & CSE) 4th Semester (Session-2017-21) Summer Examination, 2019 (Programme & Centre List)icon_pdf
Notice26-09-2020Notification- Spl. Practical Examination Part-III, 2020 (Memo No-XC-25095-196-2020)icon_pdf
Notice26-09-2020>Notification-BDS-I, II, III & Final Examination 2020 (I) Programme & Centre List icon_pdf
Notice26-09-2020Notification - B.Lib. & Info. Sc. Examination, 2020icon_pdf
Notice26-09-2020Notification-MDS Part-I Examinatin 2020 (I) Programme & Centre Listicon_pdf
Notice26-09-2020Notification-Final MDS Examination 2020 (I) Programme & Centre Listicon_pdf
Notice26-09-2020Notification - LLB Part-III (Session 2019-20) Examination 2020 (Memo no-XC-25394-210-20)icon_pdf
Notice26-09-2020Notification - B.Ed. Part-II Theory Examination, 2020 (Session 2018-20) Programme & Centre Listicon_pdf
Notice26-09-2020Notification- Spl. Practical Examination Part-III, 2020 (Memo No-XC-25095-196-2020)icon_pdf
Notice25-09-2020Notification Memo No - C-CCDC-29428-33-20icon_pdf
Notice25-09-2020Notification Memo No. SC-2976-3125-20icon_pdf
Notice25-09-2020Notification regarding approintment of Registrar, L.N.Mithila University, Darbhangaicon_pdf
Notice24-09-2020Notification Memo No - C-CCDC-29428-33-20icon_pdf
Notice21-09-2020Notification regarding assume the charge of the office of the Vice-Chancellor of L.N. Mithila University, Darbhangaicon_pdf
Notice21-09-2020Corrigendun-P.G. 4th Semester, Examination, 2020 (Memo No-XC-24853-65-20)icon_pdf
Notice21-09-2020NOTIFICATION-Memo no.-XC-24842-52-20icon_pdf
Notice19-09-2020Memo No. XC-24819-30-20icon_pdf
Notice19-09-2020Memo No. XC-24732-84-20icon_pdf
Notice19-09-2020Notification Memo No-SC- 2425-2524-20icon_pdf
Notice19-09-2020Notification regarding authorisation of the office of the Registrar under L.N. Mithila University, Darbhangaicon_pdf
Notice16-09-2020Notification Memo No. XC-24655-705-20icon_pdf
Notice15-09-2020Notification-Part-I, Examination, 2020icon_pdf
Notice15-09-2020NOTIFICATION - B.Tech-4th, 6th, 5th & 7th (Meno No-XC24507-520-2020)icon_pdf
Notice14-09-2020Registration for Degree part-I (2019-22)icon_pdf
Notice12-09-2020NOTIFICATION- BBA Part-III (Hons.) (Session-2017-20) Examination, 2020icon_pdf
Notice12-09-2020NOTIFICATION - BCA-Part-III (Hons.) (Session-2017-20) Examination, 2020icon_pdf
Notice10-09-2020Notification B.Ed. Part-II (Session 2018-20), Exam. 2020icon_pdf
Notice10-09-2020Notification M.Ed. 4th Session 2018-20) M.Ed-II (2019-21), Exam. 2020icon_pdf
Notice06-09-2020Notification-Part-III Examination, 2020icon_pdf
Notice06-09-2020NOTIFICATION - First To Final- BDS Examination, 2020icon_pdf
Notice06-09-2020NOTIFICATION - L.L.B. Part-III, Examination 2020icon_pdf
Notice06-09-2020NOTIFICATION - MDS Part-First & Final Examination, 2020icon_pdf
Notice09-09-2020Reg.letter no. SW-1264-7120 dated 09.09.2020 (PG. 4th Sem. Admission 2018-20)icon_pdf
Notice05-09-2020Notification Memo No-SC-2003-2263-20icon_pdf
Notice03-09-2020Notice CET- B.Ed 2020 icon_pdf
Notice31-08-2020Notification Memo No SC-1943-2001-20icon_pdf
Notice31-08-2020Notification Memo No- SC-1885-1942-20 icon_pdf
Notice26-08-2020 Notice PAT-2018 icon_pdf
Notice25-08-2020Notification Memo No C-DR-II-28890=29000-20 icon_pdf
Notice13-08-2020Notification Memo No C-DR-II-28562-622-20 icon_pdf
Notice13-08-2020Notification Memo No - C-DR-II-28623-83-20 icon_pdf
Notice13-08-2020Notifications of Heads Hindi & History.icon_pdf
Notice15-07-2020कार्यालय आदेश ज्ञापांक-C-DR-1- 28173-298-20icon_pdf
Notice15-07-2020Notification Memo No C-DR-1-28173-298-20icon_pdf
Notice03-07-2020अधिसूचना ज्ञापांक- CET-BED-125-20icon_pdf
Notice04-07-2020Notification Memo No-C-DR-II-27899-930-20 icon_pdf
Notice04-06-2020Notice for Pensionersicon_pdf
Notice04-06-2020प्रेस विज्ञप्तिicon_pdf
Notice16-06-2020Notification Memo No UB-592-20 icon_pdf
Notice08-06-2020Notification Memo No-SC-1546-640-20 icon_pdf
Notice08-06-2020Notification Memo No-SC-1641-770-20 icon_pdf
Notice29-05-2020Notification Memo No SC-1468-99-20 icon_pdf
Notice30-05-2020Office Order Memo no- C-R-27228-20 icon_pdf
Notice26-05-2020Notice Memo No LNMU-DDE-324-328-2020 icon_pdf
Notice26-05-2020Notification Memo No-LNMU-DDE-318-323-2020icon_pdf
Notice26-05-2020Notice for hiring of Consultant/ Advisor for DDE, LNMUicon_pdf
Notice30-04-2020Notification Memo No- C-DR-I-27105-18-20 icon_pdf
Notice23-03-2020Notification Memo No-C-DR-II-26831-27091-20icon_pdf
Notice21-03-2020Notification Memo No C-DR-II-2586-94-20 icon_pdf
Notice30-04-2020Memo no. sc/1296-1440/20icon_pdf
Notice30-04-2020Memo no. 1236-95 dt. 30.04.2020_Head (Soc)icon_pdf
Notice01-04-2020Office Order Memo no Lnmu CR-158 dticon_pdf
Notice26-03-2020Letter no. CR-141 Darbhangaicon_pdf
Notice26-03-2020Letter no. CR-143 Madhubaniicon_pdf
Notice26-03-2020Letter no. CR-145 Samastipuricon_pdf
Notice26-03-2020Letter no. CR-147 Begusaraiicon_pdf
Notice26-03-2020Notification no. CR-138 icon_pdf
Notice26-03-2020Notification no. CR-139 icon_pdf
Notice23-03-2020Notification regarding assume the charge of the office of the Vice-Chancellor of L.N. Mithila University, Darbhangaicon_pdf
Notice21-03-2020Notification Memo No C-DR-II-2568-76-20 icon_pdf
Notice20-03-2020अधिसूचना ज्ञापांक L N M U -CR -40 -135 -20 icon_pdf
Notice19-03-2020NOTIFICATION-BCA & BBA Examination, 2020 Postponded (Memo No-XC-21243-55-20) icon_pdf
Notice18-03-2020Notificatio Memo No UB-583-20 icon_pdf
Notice18-03-2020Notification Memo No -UB-582-20icon_pdf
Notice07-03-2020Notification Memo No UB-581-20 icon_pdf
Notice07-03-2020Corrigendum Letter- Part-II, Examination (Memo No-XC-21101-21201-20 ) icon_pdf
Notice07-03-2020NOTIFICATION- BDS- Meno No- XC-20956-70-20 icon_pdf
Notice07-03-2020NOTIFICATION-L.L.B. Part-III Examination, 2020 (Memo no-XC-20976-88-20 icon_pdf
Notice07-03-2020NOTIFICATION- MDS- Meno No- XC-20941-55-20 icon_pdf
Notice07-03-2020NOTIFICATION - Part-II Examination, 2020 (Memo No-XC-21000-21100-20) icon_pdf
Notice05-03-2020BBA-Part-II & III-Examination-2020-NOTIFICATION - XC-20761-72-20 icon_pdf
Notice05-03-2020BCA-Part-II & III-Examination-2020-NOTIFICATION - XC-20773-80-20 icon_pdf
Notice05-03-2020Reg. letter no. SW- 901-06/20 dated 05.03.2020 (Degree part-I 2019-22 and part-II 2018-2 icon_pdf
Notice04-03-2020सूचना ज्ञापांक - A -c - 1541-20 icon_pdf
Notice04-03-2020सूचना ज्ञापांक - A -c - 1542-20 icon_pdf
Notice03-03-2020Memo no. 1141-209 icon_pdf
Notice03-03-2020Notification Memo no. Sc-1104-40=20 icon_pdf
Notice29-02-2020Notification Memo No C-DR-II-2004-30-20 icon_pdf
Notice29-02-2020Notification Memo no. C-DR-II-2030-60 -20 icon_pdf
Notice22-02-2020Notification Memo No UB-579 -20 icon_pdf
Notice20-02-2020Notification - Part-I - Examination, 2020) Memo No- XC-20367-467-20 icon_pdf
Notice20-02-2020Reg. letter no. SW- 746-5320 dated 20.02.2020 (Degree Part-I Registration 2019-22) icon_pdf
Notice19-02-2020CORRIGENDUM (Part-III, Examination 2020) Memo No.- XC-20339-55-20 icon_pdf
Notice14-02-2020Notification Memo No C-DR-II-1560-72-20 icon_pdf
Notice14-02-2020Notification Memo No C-IC-1544-57-20icon_pdf
Notice14-02-2020महाविधालय के सभी पुराने भवनों की सूची विहित प्रपत्र मे उपलब्ध कराने के संबंद मेicon_pdf
Notice14-02-2020Notification Memo No UB-576-20icon_pdf
Notice14-02-2020सूचना ज्ञापांक UB -577 -20 icon_pdf
Notice13-02-2020Notification regarding appointment of Proctor under L.N. Mithila University, Darbhanga.icon_pdf
Notice13-02-2020Reg. letter no. SW-629-34/20 (Degree Part-I Registration 2019-22)icon_pdf
Notice10-02-2020CORRIGENDUM Memo No UB-575-20icon_pdf
Notice08-02-2020Notification (MBA-3rd Semseter (Session-2018-20) Memo No-XC-20106-20-20icon_pdf
Notice07-02-2020Notification Memo No UB-573-20 icon_pdf
Notice07-02-2020Notification Memo No UB-572-20 icon_pdf
Notice05-02-2020Notification regarding appointment of Assistant Professor in the subject of Urdu under L.N. Mithila University, Darbhanga serviceicon_pdf
Notice01-02-2020Notification Memo No Sc-401-30-20icon_pdf
Notice01-02-2020Notification Memo No Sc-501-70-20 icon_pdf
Notice01-02-2020Notification Memo No SC-341-70-20icon_pdf
Notice01-02-2020Notification Memo No Sc-571-640-20 icon_pdf
Notice01-02-2020Notification Memo No SC-371-400-20 icon_pdf
Notice31-1-2020Senate Non-Teaching listicon_pdf
Notice31-1-2020Senate Othersicon_pdf
Notice31-1-2020Senate Teaching list icon_pdf
Notice31-1-2020Corrigendum to the Agenda of the Senate dated 01.02.2020icon_pdf
Notice31-1-2020Corrigenda to the Members list of Senate, LNMU Darbhangaicon_pdf
Notice31-1-2020अधिसूचना ज्ञापांक UB -566 -20 icon_pdf
Notice31-1-2020Notification Memo No C-DR-II-806-920-20icon_pdf
Notice31-1-2020Notification Memo No C-DR-II-921-1025-20icon_pdf
Notice28-1-2020Notification Memo No C-IC-773-82-20icon_pdf
Notice27-1-2020सूचना ज्ञापांक C - IC -711 -17 -20 icon_pdf
Notice27-1-202002 फरवरी 2020 को प्रत्येक महाविधालय द्धारा अपने स्तर ललित जयन्ती समारोह मनाये जाने के संबंद मे । icon_pdf
Notice27-1-2020Notification Memo No C-DR-II-660-90-20 icon_pdf
Notice27-1-2020Notification Memo No C-IC-692-96-20 icon_pdf
Notice27-1-2020Notification Memo No C-IC-697-701-20 icon_pdf
Notice23-1-2020अभिषद् के गैरशिक्षक सदस्यों की सूची (संशोधन वर्ष icon_pdf
Notice23-1-2020अभिषद् के शिक्षक सदस्यों की सूची (संशोधन वर्ष - icon_pdf
Notice20-1-2020NOTIFICATION- PG-1st Semester (Session 2019-21) Examination, 2019 (Memo No- XC-19617-60-20 & Memo No-XC-19661-90-20 icon_pdf
Notice20-1-2020NOTIFICATION- Memo No- XC-19617-60-20 Date - 24.01.2020 & Memo No-XC-19661-90-20 icon_pdf
Notice20-1-2020NOTIFICATION - Part-II-Examination, 2020 (Memo No.-XC-16514-614-20 icon_pdf
Notice20-1-2020NOTIFICATION (M.Ed. Pratical) -M.Ed. -1st Semester (Session-2019-21) M.Ed. 3rd Semester (Session-2018-20) Memo No.- XC-19448-60-20 icon_pdf
Notice20-1-2020Reg. letter no. SW-291-98/20 (Degree part-I Registration 2019-22) icon_pdf
Notice19-1-2020NOTIFICATION-Part-I, Examination, 2020 (Memo No-XC-19415-19520-20) icon_pdf
Notice17-1-2020NOTIFICATION - M.B.A. - 1st Semester (2019-21) Memo No-XC-19057-70-20 icon_pdf
Notice17-1-2020NOTIFICATION- (P.G.-1st. Semester Exam., 2019 -Memo No-XC-19085-130-20 icon_pdf
Notice17-1-2020Notice Memo No LNMU-IC-A&C-1341-020 icon_pdf
Notice13-1-2020NOTIFICATION- Fee & Form - B.B.A.-Part-I, (Session-2019-22) Examination-2020 icon_pdf
Notice13-1-2020NOTIFICATION- Fee & Form - B.C.A.-Part-I, (Session-2019-22) Examination-2020 icon_pdf
Notice13-1-2020Notification Memo No-UB-559-19 icon_pdf
Notice8-1-2020NOTIFICATION-Form & Fees of M.B.A. 1st Semester (Session-2019-2021) and 3rd Semester (Session-2018-2020) Examination, 2020 icon_pdf
Notice8-1-2020सूचना ज्ञापांक UB - 563 -20 icon_pdf
Notice8-1-2020NOTIFICATION-Form & Fees of M.B.A. 1st Semester (Session-2019-2021) and 3rd Semester (Session-2018-2020) Examination, 2020 icon_pdf
Notice8-1-2020Notification Memo - Sc-5455-5525-19 icon_pdf
Notice8-1-2020Notification Memo No -C-DR-II-26-140-20 icon_pdf
Notice8-1-2020Notification Memo No - Sc-5384-5454-19 icon_pdf
Notice8-1-2020NOTIFICATION - PG 1st Semester Examination, 2019icon_pdf
Notice20-12-2019Notification Memo no. Sc-5526-95 icon_pdf
Notice20-12-2019Notification - Memo No-XC-18103-55-19 & XC-18156-88-19 icon_pdf
Notice20-12-2019Notification Memo No-UB-559-19 icon_pdf
Notice19-12-2019अधिसूचना ज्ञापांक C-DR-1 -14499-19icon_pdf
Notice19-12-2019Notification - Memo No-XC-18103-55-19 & XC-18156-88-19 icon_pdf
Notice19-12-2019Notification Memo C-DR-1-14504-31-19 icon_pdf
Notice19-12-2019Notification - Memo No-XC-18021-70-19 & XC-18070-102-19 icon_pdf
Notice18-12-2019Notification Memo No U B - 557-19 icon_pdf
Notice17-12-2019Notification- Memo No- XC/17941-50/19 icon_pdf
Notice13-12-2019Notification Memo no-14122-323icon_pdf
Notice13-12-2019Notification Memo No C-CCDC-14434-39-19icon_pdf
Notice13-12-2019Final List of Valid Candidates After Withdrawal for Election of Office Bearers of University Students' Union Election 2019-20icon_pdf
Notice13-12-2019Final Electoral Roll for Election of Office Bearers of University Students' Union Election 2019-20icon_pdf
Notice13-12-2019Notification - Memo No.- XC-17892-902-19icon_pdf
Notice12-12-2019सूचना ज्ञापांक UB-554 -19 icon_pdf
Notice11-12-2019अभिषद के गैरशिक्षक सदस्यों की सूचीicon_pdf
Notice11-12-2019अभिषद के शिक्षक सदस्यों की सूचीicon_pdf
Notice09-12-2019Notification Memo No-C-R-13473-80-19icon_pdf
Notice09-12-2019Notification Memo No C-R-13462-72-19.icon_pdf
Notice04-12-2019Notification Memo No-UB-550-19.icon_pdf
Notice04-12-2019सूचना ज्ञापांक UB-552 -19icon_pdf
Notice04-12-2019सूचना ज्ञापांक UB - 548 -19icon_pdf
Notice04-12-2019Notification Memo No C-I.C-13248-52-19icon_pdf
Notice04-12-2019Notification Memo No C-I.C-13253-57-19icon_pdf
Notice02-12-2019NOTIFICATION-(B. Tech., Examination) Examination, 2019 (Memo No. XC-16824-34-19 Date-02.12.2019) (Memo No. XC-16835-42-19 Date-02.12.2019) icon_pdf
Notice29-11-2019NOTIFICATION- Memo No.-XC-16778-800-19 (M. Sc. -Bio-Tech.,) Forms and Fee icon_pdf
Notice29-11-2019Notification Memo No C-DR-II-12191-221-19 icon_pdf
Notice29-11-2019Electoral Roll Faculty wise (Students Union Election 2019-20)icon_pdf
Notice29-11-2019Forms and Instruction for Students' Union Election 2019-20icon_pdf
Notice29-11-2019Student union election Instructionicon_pdf
Notice29-11-2019Forms and Format (Students' Union Election 2019-20)icon_pdf
Notice29-11-2019Revised Schedule of Student's Union Election 2019-20icon_pdf
Notice28-11-2019Reg. Revised and New Observer List of Students' Union Election 2019-20 (letter no. SW-5826-5946/19 icon_pdf
Notice19-11-2019सूचना ज्ञापांक UB - 538 -19 icon_pdf
Notice19-11-2019NOTIFICATION-P.G. 3rd Semester Session-2018-20, Exam., 2019 (CBCS) Programme & Centre Listicon_pdf
Notice16-11-2019Notification Memo No C-DR-II-12191-221-19 icon_pdf
Notice16-11-2019Notification Memo No - UB-537-19 icon_pdf
Notice16-11-2019NOTIFICATION - Memo No. XC/16092-105/19 icon_pdf
Notice10-11-2019Notification Memo No SC-4913-5065-19icon_pdf
Notice10-11-2019Notification Memo No SC-5066-5210-19icon_pdf
Notice09-11-2019Notification Memo No UB - 534-19icon_pdf
Notice07-11-2019Revised Schedule of Student's Union Election 2019-20icon_pdf
Notice07-11-2019Rearding Organisation of Inter College Kabaddi (W) Tournament 2019-2020icon_pdf
Notice26-10-2019सूचना ज्ञापांक UB - 530 -19icon_pdf
Notice21-10-2019सूचना ज्ञापांक UB - 531 -19 icon_pdf
Notice15-10-2019Notification Memo No 208C-19icon_pdf
Notice15-10-2019Revised Notification for ward quota admission in P.G. 2019-21icon_pdf
Notice15-10-2019सूचना ज्ञापांक UB - 528 -19 icon_pdf
Notice12-10-2019Advertisement for the post of Research Assistant under ICSSR IMPRESS Research Projecticon_pdf
Notice11-10-2019Convocation Notification (Memo No-XC/14142-53/19)icon_pdf
Notice11-10-2019Notification Memo No Sc-4399-4430-19icon_pdf
Notice11-10-2019Notification Memo No SC-4431-60-19icon_pdf
Notice03-10-2019Notification Memo No C-DR-II-11327 -57-12icon_pdf
Notice03-10-2019Regarding Inter college football tournament (M) 2019-20icon_pdf
Notice03-10-2019Notification Memo No SC-4384-98-19icon_pdf
Notice03-10-2019Notification Memo No SC-4372-63-19icon_pdf
Notice01-10-2019Reg. letter no. SW-4808-13/19 dated 01.10.2019 (PG Admission 2019-21)icon_pdf
Notice01-10-2019Notification Memo no. 4399-4430 -19 Date - 30.09.2019icon_pdf
Notice27-09-2019Notification Memo No C-DR-II-11050-59-19icon_pdf
Notice20-09-2019कार्यालय आदेश ज्ञापानक C -DR -II -10960 -68 -19 दिनांक -24 .09 .2019icon_pdf
Notice20-09-2019Notification Memo No C-IC-10951-59-19icon_pdf
Notice20-09-2019Notification Memo No C-IC-10933-40-19icon_pdf
Notice20-09-2019Yuva mahotsav programicon_pdf
Notice20-09-2019Notice for Senate Election (Teachers' Representatives) Under Section 18(XVI) of the Acticon_pdf
Notice20-09-2019Notice Student's Union Election 2019-20icon_pdf
Notice20-09-2019Reg. letter no. SW-4496-4501/19 dated 20.09.2019 (UG Admission 2019-22) icon_pdf
Notice18-09-2019LNMU Memo no.-Conv./1043-1194/19 icon_pdf
Notice18-09-2019Notification SW-4131-4250/19 dated 18.09.2019 (Student's Union Election)icon_pdf
Notice16-09-2019Reg. letter no. SW- 4005-1019 (U.G. Admission 2019-22)icon_pdf
Notice14-09-2019LNMU, Notification (Chief Electon Officer, Students' Union Election 2019-20)icon_pdf
Notice13-09-2019Inter College Youth Festival Rang trang Formeticon_pdf
Notice12-09-2019Reg. letter no. SW- 3762-67/19 (U.G. Admission 2019-22)icon_pdf
Notice11-09-2019Notification Memo No C-IC-10692-99-2019icon_pdf
Notice11-09-2019Reg. letter no. SW- 3682-87/ 19 (PG Admission 2019-21)icon_pdf
Notice07-09-2019Reg. letter no. SW- 3649-53/ 19 (PG Admission 2019-21)icon_pdf
Notice06-09-2019Letter No. 1795.S.19icon_pdf
Notice06-09-2019Revised Sports Calander 2019-20icon_pdf
Notice06-09-2019Notification Memo No Sc-3609-48-19icon_pdf
Notice06-09-2019Notification Memo No Sc-3649-3715-19icon_pdf
Notice06-09-2019Notification Memo No Sc-3716-55-19icon_pdf
Notice06-09-2019Notiication Memo No C-Library-7893-963-19icon_pdf
Notice05-09-2019Reg. letter no. SW- 3613-17 19 (PG Home Sc. Admission 2019-21)icon_pdf
Notice04-09-2019Reg. letter no. SW- 3607-11/19 (Admission Committee Meeting on 03.09.2019)icon_pdf
Notice04-09-2019NOTIFICATION- (Programme & Centre) L.L.B. Part-I, Examination-2019icon_pdf
Notice04-09-2019Notification Memo No C-DR-II-10544-55-19 icon_pdf
Notice04-09-2019Notification Memo No Sc-3609-48-19icon_pdf
Notice04-09-2019Notification Memo No Sc-3716-55-19icon_pdf
Notice04-09-2019Notifocation Memo No Sc-3649-3715-19icon_pdf
Notice04-09-2019Notice PG-1 icon_pdf
Notice04-09-2019Notice PG-2 icon_pdf
Notice04-09-2019Notice UG icon_pdf
Notice03-09-2019हिन्दी विषय icon_pdf
Notice03-09-2019राजनीतिशास्त्र विषय icon_pdf
Notice03-09-2019संस्कृत एवं प्राणीशास्त्र विषय icon_pdf
Notice02-09-2019Regarding Inter college football tournament 2019-20 icon_pdf
Notice31-08-2019Notification Memo No-SC-3341-54-19 icon_pdf
Notice31-08-2019Notification Memo No 3246-58-19icon_pdf
Notice31-08-2019Notification Memo No Sc-3190-3200-19 icon_pdf
Notice31-08-2019Notification Memo No Sc-3201-13-19icon_pdf
Notice31-08-2019Notification Memo No Sc-3214-30-19icon_pdf
Notice31-08-2019Notification Memo No Sc-3259-72-19icon_pdf
Notice31-08-2019Notification Memo No Sc-3273-84-19icon_pdf
Notice31-08-2019Notification Memo No Sc-3285-3303-19icon_pdf
Notice31-08-2019Notification Memo No Sc-3304-15-19icon_pdf
Notice31-08-2019Notification Memo No Sc-3316-27-19icon_pdf
Notice31-08-2019Notification Memo No Sc-3328-40-19icon_pdf
Notice31-08-2019Notification Memo No Sc-3355-67-19icon_pdf
Notice31-08-2019Notification Meno No Sc-3231-45-19icon_pdf
Notice29-08-2019Extension of Rakesh Kumar Roy - Social Scienceicon_pdf
Notice29-08-2019Notification Memo No C-CCDC-10361-66-19icon_pdf
Notice28-08-2019Notification Memo No -SC-3551-83-19icon_pdf
Notice28-08-2019Reg. letter no. SW- 3439-44/19 dated 28.08.2019 (U.G. Admission 2019-22)icon_pdf
Notice27-08-2019Qualifying Test for Certificate Course in French Languageicon_pdf
Notice24-08-2019Reg. letter no. SW-3217-22/19icon_pdf
Notice22-08-2019Notification Memo No-C-DR-II -9429-571-19icon_pdf
Notice22-08-2019Reg. letter no. SW-3193-98/19icon_pdf
Notice22-08-2019Notice Memo No - UB-518-19icon_pdf
Notice18-08-2019Reg. letter no. SW-3055-60 (PG Admission 2019-21)icon_pdf
Notice18-08-2019Reg. letter no. SW-3021-26 (PG Admission 2019-21)icon_pdf
Notice17-08-2019Reg. letter no. SW-3088-93/19 (PG Admission 2019-21)icon_pdf
Notice17-08-2019NOTIFICATION-Examination Forms and Fee of L.L.B. Part-I, Examination, 2019icon_pdf
Notice16-08-2019Regarding start teaching in Bazzika Bhasha upto Hons. levelicon_pdf
Notice16-08-2019Reg. letter no. SW-3054-59/19 dated 16.08.2019 (UG Admission 2019-22 Spot Admission Process)icon_pdf
Notice12-08-2019Regarding Governing Bodyicon_pdf
Notice11-08-2019NOTIFICATION -Programme & centre List for Practical-Viva-Voce - L.L.B. Part-II Examination, 2019icon_pdf
Notice11-08-2019Notification- Programme of Examination- COP Lib. & Info. Sc. (Certificate Course) Session-2018-19, Exam., 2019icon_pdf
Notice11-08-2019Notification Memo No-C-I.C-9099-106-19icon_pdf
Notice11-08-2019Notification Memo No-C-I.C-9076-83-19icon_pdf
Notice05-08-2019Regarding Ph.D Admission (PAT-2019)icon_pdf
Notice05-08-2019Reg. letter no. SW- 2852-57/19icon_pdf
Notice05-08-2019Reg. letter no. SW- 2858-66/19icon_pdf
Notice05-08-2019Notice P.G. Mathematics Arts Admission 2019-21icon_pdf
Notice05-08-2019काउंसलिंग में अनुपस्थित अभ्यर्थियों को नामांकन हेतु एक और मौका ।icon_pdf
Notice2-08-2019Notification Memo No-SC-3122-83-19icon_pdf
Notice30-07-2019Extension of Minakshi Kumari - Social Scienceicon_pdf
Notice29-07-2019Notification Memo No-C-IC-8521-28-19icon_pdf
Notice29-07-2019Notification Memo No-C-IC-8400-8507-19icon_pdf
Notice29-07-2019Notification Memo No-C-IC-8360-67-19icon_pdf
Notice29-07-2019Notification Memo No-C-IC-8313-21-19icon_pdf
Notice29-07-2019Notification Memo No-C-I.C-8334-41-19icon_pdf
Notice29-07-2019Notice Memo No-UB-5015-19icon_pdf
Notice25-07-2019NOTIFICATION - M.Ed.-2nd Semester (Session-2018-20) & 4th Semester (Session-2017-19) Piratical -Viva-Voce Examination, 2019icon_pdf
Notice25-07-2019Programme & Centre List for B.A.-B.Sc. Part-I (Hons.-Vocational) Practical Examination, 2019 icon_pdf
Notice25-07-2019NOTIFICATION-L.L.B. Part-III Examination, 2019 icon_pdf
Notice18-07-2019NOTIFICATION- Certificate Course (Journalism) Examination, 2019 icon_pdf
Notice18-07-2019NOTIFICATION - B.Tech-8th Semester (Session-2015-19) Pratical-Viva-Voce Examination icon_pdf
Notice18-07-2019Corrigendum-Notification-P.G. 2nd Semester (Session-2018-20) Examination, 2019. (Programme & Centre List) icon_pdf
Notice18-07-2019Notification Memo No-C-I.G.G-8380-92-19 icon_pdf
Notice18-07-2019महिला अध्धयन केंद्र Ref No,H.Sc.177-19 icon_pdf
Notice18-07-2019NOTIFICATION - B.Tech- 2nd Semester (Session-2018-22) & B.Tech 3rd Semester (Session-2017- Examination icon_pdf
Notice18-07-2019Notification Memo No-C-Library-7893-963-19 icon_pdf
Notice8-07-2019NOTIFICATION - MBA 2nd Semester (Session-2018-20) & 4th Semester (Session-2017-19) Exam., 2019.icon_pdf
Notice8-07-2019Letter No-LNMU-IC-A&c1269-19icon_pdf
Notice4-07-2019Janki devi gourishankar Mahila degree college Jainagar icon_pdf
Notice4-07-2019Chhatu Rai College Kishanpur Samastipur icon_pdf
Notice4-07-2019Notification Memo No - I-IC-8047-55-19 icon_pdf
Notice4-07-2019Notification Memo No- C-IC8124 -31-19 icon_pdf
Notice4-07-2019Notification Memo No-C-IC-8089-98-19icon_pdf
Notice4-07-2019Memo No. XC-5802-15-19 icon_pdf
Notice4-07-2019Reg. Notice P.G. Admission 2019-21 icon_pdf
Notice3-07-2019Notification Memo No-Sw-1216-59-19 icon_pdf
Notice3-07-2019Notification Memo No-Sw-1216-59-19icon_pdf
Notice28-06-2019Nofication of Corrigendum Memo No-UB-508-19icon_pdf
Notice27-06-2019Extension of Shital Kumari - Maithiliicon_pdf
Notice26-06-2019letter no. SW-1682-88/19 dated 26.06.2019 (Degree Part-I, 2019-22 Admission)icon_pdf
Notice26-06-2019Regarding Revised Schedule of Inter Department Football Tournament icon_pdf
Notice20-06-2019Notification Memo No-SC-2647-85-19 icon_pdf
Notice19-06-2019Meeting regarding the solution on implementation of UMIS in LNMU icon_pdf
Notice19-06-2019Notification Memo No-C-CCDC-7232-37-19 icon_pdf
Notice7-06-2019P.G. 4th Semester (Practical/Project/Viva-Voce) Session-2017-19, Examination, 2019 icon_pdf
Notice7-06-2019Centre List & Examination Programme of B.Ed Part-I (Theory) Examination, 2019 (Session-2018-20) icon_pdf
Notice7-06-2019Notification Memo No-C-DR-II-7194-231-19 icon_pdf
Notice7-06-2019Notice Memo No-C-PO-6987-92-19 icon_pdf
Notice7-06-2019Dr.Vijoy Mishra Principal Of Millat College Darbhangaicon_pdf
Notice7-06-2019NOTIFICATION-Part-II, Exam., 2019 (Memo No. XC-4150-4250-19 & XC-4251-83-19icon_pdf
Notice7-06-2019Rectification of Memo No. XC/4150-4250/19 & XC/4251-83/19 icon_pdf
Notice4-06-2019Letter No. XC-3846-3940-19 Date - 03.06.2019 -Memo No. - XC-3941-46-9 icon_pdf
Notice1-06-2019Notification BLib. & Info. Sc.Examination 2019 Programme and Centreicon_pdf
Notice1-06-2019Notification of Part-I Examination, 2019 (Form fill-up Re-extended)icon_pdf
Notice1-06-2019NOTIFICATION-Part-I, Examination Form Date Extendicon_pdf
Notice1-06-2019Notification Forms & Fee Of LLB Part III Examination 2019icon_pdf
Notice1-06-2019Notification-BBA-Part-III, II & I (H) Examination, 2019icon_pdf
Notice01-06-2019Notification-BCA-Part-III, II & I (H) Examination, 2019icon_pdf
Notice27-05-2019Memo No-XC-3543-53-19icon_pdf
Notice25-05-2019Notification Memo No-C-PRO-6943-47-19icon_pdf
Notice23-05-2019Modification Memo No-XC-2533-45-19icon_pdf
Notice16-05-2019Notice Memo No-S.W-1453-60-19icon_pdf
Notice16-05-2019Notification Memo No-C-IC-6564-572-19icon_pdf
Notice16-05-2019Notification Memo No XC-2357-70-19icon_pdf
Notice15-05-2019Notice for KYPicon_pdf
Notice15-05-2019Notification (BBA-I, II, III) (H) Exam., 2019icon_pdf
Notice15-05-2019Notification (BCA-I, II, II) (H) Exam, 2019icon_pdf
Notice14-05-2019Extension of Meena Kumari -Social Scienceicon_pdf
Notice14-05-2019Notification Memo No-C-IC-6440-49-19icon_pdf
Notice10-05-2019Notification Memo No-C-DR-II-6328-428-19icon_pdf
Notice10-05-2019Notification Memo No-C-Dr-II-6240-320-19icon_pdf
Notice10-05-2019Notification Memo No-SW-1079-86-19icon_pdf
Notice10-05-2019C.O.P. Library & Info. Sc. (Certificate Course) Session 2017-18icon_pdf
Notice10-05-2019Notification - Forms & Fee (P.G. 4th Semester-Session-2017-19) Exam.,2019icon_pdf
Notice10-05-2019Revised Notification for Certificate Course (session 2018-19) 2nd Semester, Exam., 2018icon_pdf
Notice10-05-2019Programme & Centre - B.Lib. & Info. Sc. Examination, 2019icon_pdf
Notice3-05-2019Notification Memo no-BLIS-774-79-19 icon_pdf
Notice2-05-2019Notification Memo No-C-IC-6027-32-19 icon_pdf
Notice2-05-2019Notification Memo No-C-IC-6039-44-19 icon_pdf
Notice2-05-2019Scan Copy of Letter No C PO 6045 57 19 icon_pdf
Notice2-05-2019Scan Copy of Notice Regarding Pension Adalat Held on 05.05.2019 icon_pdf
Notice2-05-2019Notification Memo No-Ph.d-22046-185-19 icon_pdf
Notice2-05-2019Notification Memo No-Ph.d 22468-22607-19 icon_pdf
Notice26-04-2019Examination Form & Fee-Notification-B.Lib & Information Science Exam., 2019icon_pdf
Notice26-04-2019 Notification-Part-I, Examination-2019icon_pdf
Notice24-04-2019 Notification Memo No.Ph.d.20795-20935-19icon_pdf
Notice15-04-2019 Notice Modified Centre Part-II Examination, 2019 icon_pdf
Notice15-04-2019 Notification Memo No-Ph.d.17593-732-19 Dated-06-04-19 icon_pdf
Notice15-04-2019 Notification Memo No-Ph.d.18299-18438-19 Dated-10-04-19 icon_pdf
Notice15-04-2019 Notification Meno No-C-DR-II-5617-94-19 Date-15-04-19 icon_pdf
Notice16-04-2019 पुस्तकालय विज्ञान के BLIS Course सत्र - 2019-20 में नामांकन हेतु तिथि विस्तारित करने के सम्बन्ध में.icon_pdf
Notice15-04-2019 Memo No-1214-19-19 Date-11-04-2019 icon_pdf
Notice15-04-2019 Memo No-6163-68-19 date-18-02-2019 icon_pdf
Notice15-04-2019 Memo No-6581-85-19 date-23-02-2019 icon_pdf
Notice15-04-2019 Memo no-9483-84-19 Date-14-03-2019 icon_pdf
Notice15-04-2019 Memo No-13953-57-19 date 26-03-2019 icon_pdf
Notice15-04-2019 Memo No-19034-40-19 Date-11-04-2019 icon_pdf
Notice15-04-2019 Notification MemoNoC-DR II-5542-99-19 Date-11-04-2019 icon_pdf
Notice15-04-2019 Notification No- C-DR-I-4403-4515-19 Date- 25-03-2019 icon_pdf
Notice15-04-2019 Proceedings of the meeting of Self Finance Courses held on 01.04.2019 icon_pdf
Notice11-04-2019 Notification memo no-sc-1533-73-19 icon_pdf
Notice11-04-2019 Notification Memo No-xc-27055-80-19 Date 18-03-19 icon_pdf
Notice11-04-2019 Notification memo No-C-DR-II-4600-40-19 Date-25.03.19 icon_pdf
Notice11-04-2019 Notification memo no-C-DR-II -4520-19 date 25-03-2019 icon_pdf
Notice11-04-2019 Notification Memo No Ub-496-19 Date-8-04-2019 icon_pdf
Notice11-04-2019 Notification Memo No C-DR-II-3738-47-19 date-05-03-2019 icon_pdf
Notice11-04-2019Notification Memo No C-DR-II-5344-5454-19 date-08-04-2019 icon_pdf
Notice10-04-2019 मुख्यमंत्री बालिका (स्नातक) प्रोत्साहन योजन 2018 से संबंधित उपलब्ध कराये गये प्रतिवेदन में अंकित त्रुटियों के निराकरण के संबंध में। icon_pdf
Notice10-04-2019 Notification no-UB-498-19 Date-10-04-19 icon_pdf
Notice10-04-2019 विश्वविद्यालय तथा महाविद्यालय से संबंधित सामग्री संबंधित वेबसाइट पर अपलोड करने के संबंध में। icon_pdf
Notice02-04-2019 Fees & Form-Notification for-B.Ed. -Part-I-Exam., 2019 (Session-2018-20) icon_pdf
Notice08-03-2019 Regarding Examination Postponed Notification of Part-III Examination, 2019 icon_pdf
Notice06-03-2019 Selection Committee of the Faculty Members in Dr. Gouri Brahmanand Teachers' Training College, Ballopur (Bhigo), Laheriasarai, Darbhanga icon_pdf
Notice20-02-2019 Office Order No- SC-1505-16-19 Date- 18-02-2019 icon_pdf
Notice05-02-2019 Notification No- XC-24343-90-19 Date- 04-02-2019 icon_pdf
Notice16-02-2019 Notification No- SC-1369-1405-19 Date- 11-02-2019 icon_pdf
Notice13-02-2019 Notification No- WIT-93-106-19 Date- 12-02-2019 icon_pdf
Notice14-02-2019 महाविद्यालय के नियमित वेतनमान में कार्यरत शिक्षकेत्तर कर्मियों का वार्षिक गोपनीय रिपोर्ट प्रेषित करने के संबंध में। icon_pdf
Notice28-02-2019 महाविद्यालय के नियमित च0व0 कर्मियों के ऊनी वर्दी कपड़े प्राप्त करने के संबंध में। icon_pdf
Notice18-02-2019 Convocation Communique of Millat College, Darbhanga icon_pdf
Notice27-02-2019 Submission of Examination Form and Fee for Certificate Course in Human Consciousness and Yogic Sciences (Session - July 2017) icon_pdf
Notice25-02-2019 स्राष्ट्रीय पाण्डुलिपि मिशन, नई दिल्ली द्वारा संपोषित ल0 ना0 मि0 विश्वविद्यालय पाण्डुलिपि संरक्षण केन्द्र परियोजनान्तर्गत परियोजना अवधिपर्यन्त अनुमान्य पारिश्रमिक पर पूर्णतः अस्थायी रूप से कार्य करने के लिए चयन समिति की अनुशंसा के आधार पर कार्य करने की अनुमति प्रदान करने के संबंध में। icon_pdf
Notice21-02-2019 Programme and Centre for conducting Certificate Course in Human Consciousness and Yogic Sciences (Session - July 2017) icon_pdf
Notice21-02-2019 स्नातक द्वितीय खण्ड (प्रतिष्ठा/आनुषांगिक/सामान्य/व्यवसायिक) परीक्षा, 2019 के लिए परीक्षा प्रपत्र एवं शुल्क जमा करने की तिथि विस्तारित करने के संबंध में। icon_pdf
Notice18-02-2019 Convocation Comminuque of M.R.M. College, Darbhanga icon_pdf
Notice13-02-2019 गंडक एवं बागमती छात्रावास में अवैध रूप से रह रहे छात्रों को दीक्षांत समारोह से वंचित रखने के संबंध में। icon_pdf
Notice13-02-2019 Notice Regarding New Format of Panel for the Evaluation of Ph. D. Thesis icon_pdf
Notice05-02-2019 स्नातक द्वितीय खण्ड (प्रतिष्ठा/आनुषांगिक/सामान्य/व्यवसायिक) परीक्षा, 2019 के परीक्षा प्रपत्र एवं शुल्क स्वीकार करने के संबंध में।icon_pdf
Notice02-02-2019 दिनांक 31.12.2017 तक सेवानिवृत्त/मृत पेंशनधारी एवं पारिवारिक पेंशधारियों कि पेंशन, उपादान, अनुपयोगित अर्जित अवकाश नगदीकरण की राशि भविष्य निधि निकासी एवं सामूहिक जीवन बीमा की राशि भुगतान करने के संबंध में।icon_pdf
Notice29-01-2019 Programme and Centre List for Conducting B.A./B.Sc./B.Com. Part - III (Hons./Gen./Voc.) Examination, 2019icon_pdf
Notice07-01-2019 Notice regarding UNIVERSITY BANDicon_pdf
Notice28-01-2019 Notification No- SC-1349-60-19 Dated 28-01-2019icon_pdf
Notice25-01-2019 स्ूचना - सेवा काल में मृत कर्मियों के पाल्यों को अनुकम्पा के आधार पर नियुक्ति के मामले की जाँच एवं समीक्षा हेतु गठित अनुकम्पा समिति की बैठक दिनांक 25.01.2019, 27.01.2019 एवं 30.01.2019 के आलोक निम्नांकित आवेदकों के द्वारा अनुकम्पा के आधार पर नियुक्ति हेतु प्राप्त आवेदन पत्र में वांछित कागजात संलग्न नहीं किया गया है। अतः अनुरोध है कि सूचना प्रकाशन की तिथि से 07 दिनों के अन्दर वांछित कागजात उपलब्ध कराई जाए। icon_pdf
Notice24-01-2019 To constitute the Selection Committee for conducting two years B.Ed. Course in Shaheed Peer Ali T. T. College, Sakri, Madhubaniicon_pdf
Notice30-01-2019 Notification No- XC-24083-98-19 Dated- 30-01-2019icon_pdf
Notice25-01-2019 Notification No- C-DR-II-2245-53-19 Dated- 25-01-2019icon_pdf
Notice01-02-2019 Notification No- XC-24212-25-19 Dated- 01-02-2019icon_pdf
Notice16-01-2019 Notification No- C-DR-II-1610-40-19 Date- 16-01-2019icon_pdf
Notice01-02-2019 स्नातकोत्तर प्रथम सेमेस्टर (सत्र 2018-20) परीक्षा, 2018 के भूगोल विषय की प्रथम पत्र (CC-01) की परीक्षा आयोजित करने के संबंध में।icon_pdf
Notice16-01-2019 Notification No- C-DR-II-1610-40-19 Date- 16-01-2019icon_pdf
Notice14-01-2019 Notification No- SC-670-710-19 Date- 14-01-2019icon_pdf
Notice12-01-2019 Notification No- SC-576-89-19 Date- 12-01-2019icon_pdf
Notice12-01-2019 Notification No- SC-455-69-19 Date- 12-01-2019icon_pdf
Notice12-01-2019 Notification No- SC-262-76-19 Date- 12-01-2019icon_pdf
Notice14-01-2019 Notification No- SC-711-50-19 Date- 14-01-2019icon_pdf
Notice22-01-2019 Notification No- SC-846-915-19 Date- 22-01-2019icon_pdf
Notice12-01-2019 Notification No- SC-368-84-19 Date- 12-01-2019icon_pdf
Notice12-01-2019 Notification No- SC-516-32-19 Date- 12-01-2019icon_pdf
Notice21-01-2019 Programme and Centre for conducting Practical & viva-voce Examination of BCA Part – II (Hons.) Examination 2018icon_pdf
Notice21-01-2019 Programme and Centre for conducting M.Ed. 1st Semester (Session 2018-20) & M.Ed. 3rd Semester (Session 2017-19) Examination, 2018icon_pdf
Notice10-01-2019 स्नातकोत्तर प्रथम सेमेस्टर (सत्र 2018-20) परीक्षा, 2018 के भूगोल विषय की प्रथम पत्र (CC-01) की परीक्षा स्थगित करने के संबंध में।icon_pdf
Notice16-01-2019 स्नातक तृतीय खण्ड (प्रतिष्ठा/सामान्य/व्यवसायिक) परीक्षा, 2019 के लिए परीक्षा प्रपत्र एवं शुल्क स्वीकार करने के संबंध में।icon_pdf
Notice11-01-2019 Notification No- C-FO-1098-1204-19 Date- 11-01-2019icon_pdf
Notice11-01-2019 Notification No- C-FO-1312-1418-19 Date- 11-01-2019 icon_pdf
Notice11-01-2019 Notification No- C-FO-1205-1311-19 Date- 11-01-2019icon_pdf
Notice15-01-2019 Notification No- C-CCDC-1547-52-19 Date- 15-01-2019 icon_pdf
Notice08-01-2019 Notification No- SC-216-55-19 Date- 08-01-2019 icon_pdf
Notice03-01-2019 Notification No- SC-41-80-19 icon_pdf
Notice05-01-2019 Notification No- SC-137-75-19 Date- 05-01-2019 icon_pdf
Notice07-12-2018 Extension for PhD Registration of Kumari Sujata in the faculty of Science icon_pdf
Notice09-01-2019 Corrigendum No- C-DR-I-874-82-19 Date- 09-01-2019 icon_pdf
Notice03-01-2019 Notification No- SC-81-135-19 Date- 03-01-2019 icon_pdf
Notice03-01-2019 Notification No- SC-01-40-19 Date- 03-01-2019 icon_pdf
Notice05-01-2019 Notification No- SC-176-215-19 Date- 05-01-2019 icon_pdf
Notice10-01-2019 Programme & Centre for conducting B. Tech. First Semester (Session 2018-22) Examination - 2018 icon_pdf
Notice09-01-2019 Revised Programme and Centre for conducting PG 1st Semester (CBCS) examination (Session 2018-20) icon_pdf
Notice09-01-2019 Revised Programme and Centre for conducting PG 3rd Semester (Session 2017-19) Examination 2018 icon_pdf
Notice20-12-2018 सम्बद्ध डिग्री महाविद्यालयों में शिक्षक-शिक्षकेत्तर कर्मियों के पद सृजन के सम्बन्ध में। icon_pdf
Notice19-12-2018 Regarding the details of SWAYAM exam schedule icon_pdf
Notice08-01-2019 Regulations for University Examinations icon_pdf
Notice07-01-2019 Programme & Centre for conducting B. Ed. Part - II Theory Examination, 2019 (Session 2017-19) icon_pdf
Notice02-01-2019 Programme and Centre for Conducting BBA Part - II Hons Examination 2018 icon_pdf
Notice24-12-2018 Programme and Centre for conducting PG 1st Semester (CBCS) examination (Session 2018-20) icon_pdf
Notice02-01-2019 Programme and Centre for Conducting BBA Part - I Hons Examination 2018 icon_pdf
Notice02-01-2019 Programme and Centre for COnducting BCA Part - I Hons Examination 2018 icon_pdf
Notice03-01-2019 Programme for conducting Practical & Viva-Voce Examination-evaluation of Project Report of BCA Part - III Hons Examination - 2018 icon_pdf
Notice24-12-2018 Programme and Centre for conducting PG 3rd Semester (Session 2017-19) Examination 2018 icon_pdf
Notice04-10-2018 Extension for PhD-DLitt Registration of Sanjay Kumar Jha in the faculty of Science icon_pdf
Notice12-12-2018 Notification No- WIT-D-901-914-18 Date- 12-12-2018 icon_pdf
Notice09-12-2018 Revised programme and Centre for conducting BCA Part - II (Hons) Examination 2018 icon_pdf
Notice09-12-2018 Notification No- SC-9466-505-18 Date- 09-12-2018 icon_pdf
Notice09-12-2018 Notification No- SC-9426-65-18 Date- 09-12-2018 icon_pdf
Notice08-12-2018 Corrigendum No- SC-9344-84-18 Date- 08-12-2018 icon_pdf
Notice09-12-2018 बी0बी0ए0 पार्ट-3 (प्रतिष्ठा) एवं बी0सी0ए0 पार्ट-2 (प्रतिष्ठा) परीक्षा, 2018 की परीक्षा तिथि में आंशिक संशोधन के संबंध में। icon_pdf
Notice12-12-2018 Notice No- A/c-1597/18 icon_pdf
Notice12-12-2018 सभी पदाधिकारी, शिक्षक एवं शिक्षकेत्तर कर्मियों (तृतीय एवं चतुर्थ वर्ग) के ई-मेल आई0डी0 उपलब्ध कराने के संबंध में। icon_pdf
Notice05-12-2018 Programme & Centre for conducting Certificate Course Examination, 2018/ July 2017 icon_pdf
Notice29-11-2018 Programme & Centre for conducting BBA Part – III (Hons.) Examination 2018 icon_pdf
Notice30-11-2018 Notification No- SC-9086-9190-18 Dated- 30-11-2018 icon_pdf
Notice30-11-2018 Notification No- SC-9286-9320-18 Dated- 30-11-2018 icon_pdf
Notice30-11-2018 Notification No- SC-8963-9085-18 Dated- 30-11-2018 icon_pdf
Notice30-11-2018 Notification No- SC-9191-9250-18 Dated- 30-11-2018 icon_pdf
Notice30-11-2018 Notification No- SC-9251-85-18 Dated- 30-11-2018 icon_pdf
Notice26-11-2018 स्नातक तृतीय खण्ड (प्रतिष्ठा/सामान्य/व्यवसायिक) परीक्षा, 2019 के लिए परीक्षा प्रपत्र एवं शुल्क के संबंध में। icon_pdf
Notice09-10-2018 Meeting of Affiliation and New Teaching Programme Committee to be held on 09-10-2018 icon_pdf
Notice04-10-2018 Notification No- 15795-849-18 Date- 04-10-2018 icon_pdf
Notice03-11-2018 NotificationNo- XC-19034-53-18 Dated- 03-11-2018 icon_pdf
Notice20-11-2018 NotificationNo- SC-8811-50-18 Dated- 20-11-2018 icon_pdf
Notice19-11-2018 Constitute a Core Committee for conduct of Convocation - 2018-19 icon_pdf
Notice20-11-2018 Notification No- 17099-107-18 Date- 20-11-2018 icon_pdf
Notice17-11-2018 Regarding Strict compliance of mandate of Hon'ble High Court, Patna passed on 06.09.2018 in LPA no. 1217/2017 with respect to grant of affiliation to the Institution by the University and also upload the same on the website of respective university icon_pdf
Notice09-10-2018 Notification No- SC-8618-738-18 icon_pdf
Notice09-10-2018 Extension for PhD-DLitt Registration of Richa Pallavi in the Faculty of Social Science icon_pdf
Notice26-10-2018 Extension for PhD-DLitt Registration of Gunjan Kumari in the Faculty of Social Science icon_pdf
Notice26-10-2018 Notification No- XC-18549-18 icon_pdf
Notice26-10-2018 Notification No- XC-18566-80-18 icon_pdf
Notice13-10-2018 Meeting of Syndicate to be held on 29.10.2018 at 02:00 PMicon_pdf
Notice04-10-2018 Notification No- XC/17400-15/18icon_pdf
Notice29-09-2018 Regarding Change of Centre of LLB Part - I Examination 2018icon_pdf
Notice29-09-2018 Notification No- XC-17093-105-18icon_pdf
Notice29-09-2018 Corrigendum No- XC-17187-18 icon_pdf
Notice19-09-2018 Extension for Ph.D./D.Lit. Registration of Md. Firdaus Ali in the Faculty of Social Science icon_pdf
Notice27-09-2018 Notification No- XC-16907-18-18s icon_pdf
Notice24-09-2018 Notification No- SC-8313-8481-18 icon_pdf
Notice23-09-2018 Notification No- SC-8167-8312-18 icon_pdf
Notice24-09-2018 Notification No- 15476-84-18 icon_pdf
Notice18-09-2018 Notification No- 13035-97-18 icon_pdf
Notice18-09-2018 स्नातकोत्तर सत्र 2018-20 प्रथम सेमेस्टर में तृतीय मेधा सूची के आधार पर नामांकन की तिथि निर्धारित कर icon_pdf
Notice22-09-2018 Extension for Ph.D./D.Litt. Registration of Ashwani Kumar Jha in the faculty of Commerce icon_pdf
Notice18-09-2018 Notification No- 14046-98-18 icon_pdf
Notice18-09-2018 Notification No- 14099-15044-18 icon_pdf
Notice19-09-2018 Notification No- UB-455-18 icon_pdf
Notice18-09-2018 Notification No- 13098-14045-18 icon_pdf
Notice19-09-2018 Regulation relating to Bachelor of Arts/Science/Commerce (General Honours) Examination icon_pdf
Notice19-09-2018 Office Order - 15128-37-18 icon_pdf
Notice05-09-2018 Notification No- 12521-671-18 icon_pdf
Notice13-09-2018 Notification No- 12831-981-18 icon_pdf
Notice13-09-2018 Notification No- 12992-13000-18 icon_pdf
Notice24-07-2018 Meeting of Syndicate to be held on 20.09.2018 at 02:00 PMicon_pdf
Notice24-07-2018 Notification No- 9820-28-18icon_pdf
Notice06-08-2018 Notification No- 11197-202-18icon_pdf
Notice18-08-2018 Notification No- 11736-41-18icon_pdf
Notice11-09-2018 Notification No- 12696-701-18icon_pdf
Notice04-09-2018 Notification No- SC-7441-7505-18icon_pdf
Notice04-09-2018 Notification No- SC-7904-7947-18icon_pdf
Notice04-09-2018 Notification No- SC-7865-7903-18icon_pdf
Notice04-09-2018 Notification No- SC-7825-7864-18icon_pdf
Notice05-09-2018 Notification No- 12463-85-18icon_pdf
Notice04-09-2018 Notification No- SC-7788-7824-18icon_pdf
Notice13-08-2018 Notification No- 12164-70-18icon_pdf
Notice12-09-2018 समकक्षता समिति की बैठक दिनांक 12.09.2018 को अपराह्न 10:30 बजे माननीय कुलपति महोदय के कार्यालय कक्ष में आयोजित करने के संबंध में।icon_pdf
Notice11-09-2018 स्नातकोत्तर सत्र 2018-20 प्रथम सेमेस्टर में द्वितीय मेधा सूची के आधार पर नामांकन की तिथि निर्धारित करने के सम्बन्ध में।icon_pdf
Notice11-09-2018 Programme & Centre List for conducting M. Ed. 4th Semester (Session 2016-18) Examination icon_pdf
Notice21-08-2018 Notification No- XC-15359-72-18 icon_pdf
Notice27-08-2018 Notification No- XC-15575-625-18 icon_pdf
Notice25-08-2018 विश्वविद्यालय अंतर्गत सभी अंगीभूत एवं संबद्ध महाविद्यालयों के छात्राओं को "मुख्यमंत्री बालिका स्नातक प्रोत्साहन योजना" का लाभ प्राप्त करने के संबंध में। icon_pdf
Notice25-08-2018 NOTIFICATION - M. Ed. 4th Semester (Session-2016-18) Examination, 2018 icon_pdf
Notice18-08-2018 Notification No- XC-15319-30-18 icon_pdf
Notice18-08-2018 विश्वविद्यालय अन्तर्गत स्नातकोत्तर स्तर पर छात्रों से ली जाने वाली शुल्क की विवरणी (सत्र 2018-20 से)|icon_pdf
Notice18-08-2018 स्नातकोत्तर सत्र 2018-20 प्रथम सेमेस्टर में नामांकन के संबंध में।icon_pdf
Notice06-08-2018 Constitute the Selection Committee with regard to appointment-selection of the Faculty Member in Millat Teachers Training College Madhubani-icon_pdf
Notice13-08-2018 Programme and Centre List for conducting MBA 4th Semester (Session 2016-18) and MBA 2nd Semester (Semester 2017-19) Examinationicon_pdf
Notice08-08-2018 Programme and Centre List for conducting LLB Part - II Examination - 2018icon_pdf
Notice11-08-2018 स्नातक द्वितीय एवं प्रथम खण्ड प्रतिष्ठा/सामान्य/आनुषांगिक/व्यवसायिक परीक्षा, 2018 की विशेष प्रायोगिक परीक्षा आयोजित करने के संबंध में।icon_pdf
Notice01-08-2018 Notification regarding validity in absence of Original Degreesicon_pdf
Notice25-07-2018 Notification No.- XC/12534-50/18 Dated 25.07.2018icon_pdf
Notice17-07-2018 Programme and Centre for conducting B Lib & Inf Sc Examination 2018icon_pdf
Notice16-07-2018 Notification No- XC-10118-142-18 Dated 16-07-2018icon_pdf
Notice21-06-2018 Notification No- 8557-68-18 Dated 21-06-2018icon_pdf
Notice11-07-2018 Advertisement in the Souvenir being published on the eve of UGC-National Seminar under joint collaboration with University Department of Home Science, L. N. Mithila University, Darbhanga on 10.08.2018 reg.icon_pdf
Notice03-07-2018Notification No- 8812-33-18icon_pdf
Notice12-06-2018Office Order No- SC-6470-81-18icon_pdf
Notice20-06-2018Notification No- SC-6494-6505-18icon_pdf
Notice14-06-2018Notification No- SC-6482-93-18 icon_pdf
Notice06-06-2018Notification No- XC/5981-95/18 Date- 06.06.2018icon_pdf
Notice30-05-2018Regarding revocationof exemption frojm Common Entrance Test (CET) for admission in B Ed Course under the Constituent and Affiliated Collegesicon_pdf
Notice26-05-2018पुस्तकालय एवं सूचना विज्ञान संस्थान, केन्द्रीय पुस्तकालय परिसर, ल0 ना0 मिथिला विश्वविद्यालय दरभंगा में BLIS सत्र 2018-19 में नामांकन हेतु आवेदन प्रपत्र जमा करने की तिथि विस्तारित करने के संबंध में।icon_pdf
Notice14-05-2018Schedule for Affiliation icon_pdf
Notice15-05-2018स्नातक प्रथम खण्ड (प्रतिष्ठा/अनुषांगिक/सामान्य/व्यवसायिक) परीक्षा, 2018 के लिए परीक्षा प्रपत्र एवं शुल्क जमा करने के संबंध में। icon_pdf
Notice14-05-2018Regarding Modified Centre for B. Ed. Part-II Theory (Session - 2016 - 18) icon_pdf
Notice19-02-2018 Notification No- SC-5316-76-18 icon_pdf
Notice01-05-2018 Notification No- SC-5991-6030-18 icon_pdf
Notice01-05-2018 Notification No- SC-6107-55-18 icon_pdf
Notice01-05-2018 Notification No- SC-6031-6106-18 icon_pdf
Notice01-05-2018 Notification No- SC-5928-90-18 icon_pdf
Notice29-04-2018 Notification No- XC-2712-21-18 icon_pdf
Notice10-05-2018 Notification No- 6773-81-18 icon_pdf
Notice07-05-2018 स्नातक तृतीय खण्ड प्रतिष्ठा/सामान्य/व्यवसायिक परीक्षा, 2018 की विशेष प्रायोगिक परीक्षा आयोजन करने के सम्बन्ध में! icon_pdf
Notice03-05-2018 Notification No- XC-2881-90-18 icon_pdf
Notice29-04-2018 Notification No- XC-2712-21-18 icon_pdf
Notice04-05-2018 स्नातक द्वितीय खण्ड (प्रतिष्ठा/अनुषांगिक/सामान्य/व्यवसायिक) परीक्षा, 2018 के लिए परीक्षा प्रपत्र एवं शुल्क जमा करने की तिथि विस्तारित करने के संबंध में। icon_pdf
Notice21-04-2018 Notification No- SC/5774-5805/18 Dated- 21/04/2018 icon_pdf
Notice20-03-2018 लोहिया चरण सिंह महाविद्यालय, दरभंगा में महाविद्यालय के वरीयतम शिक्षक को प्रभारी प्राचार्य के पद पर नियुक्त किये जाने हेतु महाविद्यालय के शिक्षकों की वरीयता निर्धारण के सम्बन्ध में। icon_pdf
Notice27-04-2018 स्नातक द्वितीय खण्ड, 2018 की प्रायोगिक परीक्षा तथा स्नातक तृतीय खण्ड, 2018 की विशेष प्रायोगिक परीक्षा के संचालन के सम्बन्ध में! icon_pdf
Notice27-04-2018 स्नातक तृतीय खण्ड परीक्षा, 2018 के सैद्धान्तिक पत्र की स्थगित परीक्षा के सम्बन्ध में!icon_pdf
Notice27-04-2018बी0एड0 पार्ट-II (सत्र 2016-18) का परीक्षा प्रपत्र भरने के सम्बन्ध में!icon_pdf
Notice12-04-2018Rule Making Committee to frame the Constitution for Students Unionicon_pdf
Notice10-04-2018स्नातक तृतीय खण्ड, 2018 की परीक्षा स्थगित करने के सम्बन्ध में ।icon_pdf
Notice07-04-2018स्नातक द्वितीय खण्ड (प्रतिष्ठा/आनुषांगिक/सामान्य/व्यवसायिक) परीक्षा, 2018 के लिए परीक्षा प्रपत्र भरने के संबंध में।icon_pdf
Notice29-03-2018अष्टम वार्षिक दीक्षांत समारोह - आवश्यक सूचनाicon_pdf
Notice26-03-2018Notification No-XC-28312-50-18icon_pdf
Notice26-03-2018अष्टम वार्षिक दीक्षांत समारोह में उपाधि प्राप्त करने हेतु निर्धारित शुल्क एवं वांछित अभिलेख के संबंध में।icon_pdf
Notice26-03-2018Programme for conducting Practical & Viva-voce Examination of BCA Part - II Hons Examinationicon_pdf
Notice26-03-2018Programme for conducting Practical & Viva-voce Examination of BCA Part - I Hons Examinationicon_pdf
Notice17-03-2018Notification No-SC-5600-11-18icon_pdf
Notice8-03-2018स्नातक तृतीय खण्ड (प्रतिष्ठा/सामान्य/व्यवसायिक) परीक्षा, 2018 के लिए परीक्षा प्रपत्र एवं शुल्क स्वीकार करने के संबंध में।icon_pdf
Notice27-02-2018स्नातक तृतीय खण्ड (प्रतिष्ठा/सामान्य/व्यवसायिक) परीक्षा, 2018 के लिए परीक्षा प्रपत्र एवं शुल्क स्वीकार करने के संबंध में।icon_pdf
Notice20-02-2018 Postponement of Career Oriented Programme (Certificate Course) Examination, 2016icon_pdf
Notice17-02-2018 Meeting of Syndicate to be held on 19.02.2018 at 02:00 PMicon_pdf
Notice16-02-2018 स्नातक तृतीय खण्ड (प्रतिष्ठा) परीक्षा, 2018 (Dissertation - Socioloy)icon_pdf
Notice10-02-2018 Notification No-2355-2508-18icon_pdf
Notice24-01-2018 Notification No- SW-401-532-18 Date- 29-01-2018icon_pdf
Notice24-01-2018 Notification No- SW-401-532-18 Date- 29-01-2018icon_pdf
Notice24-01-2018 Meeting of Principal's of all Constituent Colleges & Deans of Faculties (Science, Social Science, Humanities, Commerce) to be held on 03-02-2018icon_pdf
Notice24-01-2018 List of Pensioners/Family Pensioners whose retiral benefits amount approved for paymenticon_pdf
Notice06-01-2018 Notification No- XC-21322-372-18 icon_pdf
Notice12-12-2017 अभिषद् की बैठक दिनांक 12.12.2017 का कार्यवृत्त।icon_pdf
Notice14-12-2017 Notification No- UB-2726-77-17 icon_pdf
Notice11-12-2017 Corrigendum No- 18754-63-17 icon_pdf
Notice27-11-2017 Notification No- SC-4248-4368-17icon_pdf
Notice1-12-2017Notification No- SC-4587-4680-17icon_pdf
Notice30-11-2017 Notification No- XC-16563-80-17icon_pdf
Notice28-11-2017 A meeting of the committee regarding Inspection of the Affiliated-Constituent Degree Colleges to be held on 07-12-2017 at 11-30 AMicon_pdf
Notice28-11-2017The Meeting of Approval Seniority and Pay-fixation Committee to be held on 04-12-2017icon_pdf
Notice21-11-2017 Notification No- 17872-89-17icon_pdf
Notice13-11-2017 Notification No- 17704-09-17icon_pdf
Notice18-11-2017 Notification No- 17813-29-17 icon_pdf
Notice24-11-2017 Notification No- 18044-103-17icon_pdf
Notice24-11-2017 Notification No- 18104-63-17icon_pdf
Notice16-11-2017 Notification No- LNMU-I-c(Arts & Com)-17745-52-17icon_pdf
Notice15-11-2017 Notification No- SC-3949-4070-17 icon_pdf
Notice13-11-2017 Notification No- SC-3902-3934-17icon_pdf
Notice03-11-2017 Notification No- 17311-20-17icon_pdf
Notice30-10-2017 Notification No- LNMU-DRII-01-CR-18447-588-17icon_pdf
Notice30-10-2017 Notification No- LNMU-DRII-01-CR-18598-609-17 icon_pdf
Notice01-11-2017 Notification No- XC-15010-60-17icon_pdf
Notice21-11-2017 Corrigendum No- UB-2021-54-17 icon_pdf
Notice23-09-2017 Notification No- SC-3498-3536-17 icon_pdf
Notice4-10-2017 Notification No- XC-14052-62-17 icon_pdf
Notice07-10-2017 Notification No- UB-1985-2020-17 icon_pdf
Notice12-10-2017 Notification No- XC-14646-56-17 icon_pdf
Notice11-10-2017 Notification No- SC-3620-52-17 icon_pdf
Notice25-08-2017 Meeting of Syndicate to be held on 08.10.2017 at G. D. College, Begusaraiicon_pdf
Notice25-08-2017 Recruitment of Junior Engineer (Civil) on Contractual basisicon_pdf
Notice22-08-2017 Corrigendum-No-13215-47-17icon_pdf
Notice18-08-2017 Re-Notification (Part-I & Part-II)Examination 2017icon_pdf
Notice18-08-2017 Selection Committee L K Mishra College of Teacher Education Dilli More Bela Darbhangaicon_pdf
Notice21-08-2017 Notification-No-13051-86-17icon_pdf
Notice19-08-2017 Notification-No-12976-13013-17icon_pdf
Notice17-08-2017 Notification-No-12435-567icon_pdf
Notice16-08-2017 Notification-No-12415-23-17icon_pdf
Notice16-08-2017 Notification-No-12404-12-17icon_pdf
Notice12-08-2017 Notification-No-12337-48-17icon_pdf
Notice18-08-2017 Extension-for-PhD-DLitt-Registration of Veena in the Faculty of Social Scienceicon_pdf
Notice17-08-2017 Corrigendum-No-12573-720-17icon_pdf
Notice18-08-2017 Notification Part-I, Examination 2017icon_pdf
Notice24-07-2017 स्नातक द्वितीय खण्ड परीक्षा, 2017 का परीक्षा प्रपत्र भरने के संबंध में।icon_pdf
Notice18-07-2017Notification No- SC-2672-82-17-17 icon_pdf
Notice24-07-2017 making Biometric Attendance System functional from July 1st 2017icon_pdf
Notice21-07-2017Nomate Members of Different Statutory Committeesicon_pdf
Notice24-07-2017Selection Committee - Sonawati College of Education - Bingama - Samastipuricon_pdf
Notice24-07-2017Workshop on Academic Excellence to be held on 03-08-2017icon_pdf
Notice25-07-2017Programme & Centre List for BA Part - III (Hons) Dissertation-viva-voce Examination 2017 of Sociology Paper - VIII (Session 2014-17) New Courseicon_pdf
Notice24-07-2017Notification No- SC-2903-2909-17icon_pdf
Notice22-07-2017Corrigendum No- XC-8857-85-17 icon_pdf
Notice21-07-2017Corrigendum No- 11639-50-17 icon_pdf
Notice11-07-2017Corrigendum No- SC-2631-2642-17icon_pdf
Notice11-07-2017Notification No- 11043-48-17 icon_pdf
Notice11-07-2017Notification No- SC-2462-2473-17 icon_pdf
Notice11-07-2017Notification No- SC-2474-2485-17 icon_pdf
Notice11-07-2017Notification No- SC-2486-2497-17 icon_pdf
Notice11-07-2017Notification No- SC-2498-2509-17icon_pdf
Notice11-07-2017Notification No- SC-2510-2521-17 icon_pdf
Notice11-07-2017Notification No- SC-2522-2533-17icon_pdf
Notice11-07-2017Notification No- SC-2534-2545-17icon_pdf
Notice11-07-2017Notification No- SC-2546-57-17 icon_pdf
Notice11-07-2017Notification No- SC-2558-2569-17icon_pdf
Notice11-07-2017Notification No- SC-2570-2581-17 icon_pdf
Notice11-07-2017Notification No- SC-2582-2593-17 icon_pdf
Notice11-07-2017Notification No- SC-2594-2605-17 icon_pdf
Notice11-07-2017Notification No- SC-2606-2618-17 icon_pdf
Notice10-07-2017Extension for PhD-DLitt Registration of Rakesh Kumar in the Faculty of Social Science icon_pdf
Notice10-07-2017Notification No- XC-7977-8020-17 icon_pdf
Notice04-07-2017A meeting of the Affiliation and New Teaching Programme Committee to be held on 14-07-2017icon_pdf
Notice22-06-2017Notification No- 10178-86-17 icon_pdf
Notice01-07-2017Notification No- 10541-52-17 icon_pdf
Notice01-07-2017Notification No- 10553-64-17 icon_pdf
Notice01-07-2017Notification No- 10565-77-17 icon_pdf
Notice04-07-2017Notification No- XC-6972-85-17 icon_pdf
Notice04-07-2017Meeting of Academic Council to be held on 17-07-2017 at 02 PMicon_pdf
Notice04-07-2017Meeting of Syndicate to be held on 25-07-2017 at 02 PMicon_pdf
Notice28-06-2017UGC letter regarding Ceiling Prices of Coronary Stentsicon_pdf
Notice28-06-2017Extension for PhD-DLitt Registration of Priti Priya in the Faculty of Social Scienceicon_pdf
Notice21-06-2017Notification No- 10107-43-17 icon_pdf
Notice21-06-2017Notification No- 10144 - 77 - 17 icon_pdf
Notice17-06-2017Notification No- XC - 6070 - 80 - 17 icon_pdf
Notice21-06-2017Corrigendum No- XC-6364-95-17 icon_pdf
Notice24-05-2017Minutes of Principals Meeting held on 14-06-2017.jpg icon_pdf
Notice24-05-2017Selection Committee to appointment-selection of the Faculty Member in Rameshwar Laxmi Mahto Teachers Training College - Rosera - Samastipur.jpgicon_pdf
Notice24-05-2017Office Order No- Est-193-202-17 icon_pdf
Notice24-05-2017Notification No- XC-3748-70-17 icon_pdf
Notice23-05-2017Constitute a committee to look into the case of determination of Inter-se-seniority in between Prof Brahmdev Prasad Karyee and Dr Ramchandra Thakuricon_pdf
Notice20-05-2017Regarding authorisation of Prof-in-charge of H P S College Madhepur Madhubaniicon_pdf
Notice20-05-2017Constitute an Inspection Team to examine the feasibility and viability regarding issuance of NOC to start B Ed Course in the light of NCTE regulations-2014 of Dr MSTT Collegeicon_pdf
Notice19-05-2017Notification No- XC-3441-55-17 icon_pdf
Notice19-05-2017Notification No- XC-3141-55-17 icon_pdf
Notice19-05-2017Notification No- XC-3127-40-17 icon_pdf
Notice19-05-2017Notification No- XC - 3441-55-17 icon_pdf
Notice 19-05-2017Notice No- SC-1030-1075-17 icon_pdf
Notice18-05-2017पी0 आर0 टी0 - 2016 की पुनर्मूल्यांकित परीक्षाफल के प्रकाशन के संबंध में।icon_pdf
Notice18-05-2017Constitute a Committee to assist DSW for monitoring and ensuring the smooth and fair conduct of B Ed Exam (CET - 2017) and also the counselling of the students for admission in the saiicon_pdf
Notice18-05-2017A meeting of the Affiliation and New Teaching Programme Committee will be held on 22-05-2017 at 12-30 PMicon_pdf
Notice15-05-2017Regarding Inspection of Mithila T T College - Basuara - Madhubani for additional intake in B Ed Courseicon_pdf
Notice15-05-2017Notification No- 8348-58-17 icon_pdf
Notice15-05-2017Constitute a committee to enquire into the allegations levelled by present prof-in-charge against the then Prof-in-charge CMJ College relating to misappropretion oficon_pdf
Notice15-05-2017Constitute a committee to examine into the matter relating to inter-se-seniority in between Dr S K Roy and Dr A K Sinha Dept of Botany Samastipur College Samastipuricon_pdf
Notice14-05-2017Constitute an Ad-hoc Committee in D N Y College to ensure the impletention of the decision of Hon'ble High Courticon_pdf
Notice13-05-2017Meeting of Syndicate to be held on 27-05-2017 at 02 PMicon_pdf
Notice11-05-2017Constitute an Inspection Team to examine the feasibility and viability for granting affiliation to proposed AND College-Samastipur from the Academic Session 2017-18 to conduct B Ed Couicon_pdf
Notice08-05-2017Extension for PhD-DLitt Registration of Sunil Kumar in the Faculty of Scienceicon_pdf
Notice08-05-2017Extension for PhD-DLitt Registration of Shweta Kumari in the Faculty of Scienceicon_pdf